Friday 3 April 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Three Letter Meows

Write an entire post without using any three-letter meows.

Fluffy having a sleep behind the books

“Fluffy what are you doing behind those books.”

“I am looking for words without three letter meows.”

“Fluffy, forget it. We do not have letters in meow, we do not have words, and you will not find anything among those human books.”

“Then why do we have such a complicated prompt.”

“For us felines it is not complicated, it is a process of elimination.”


“Yes, elimate humans from this prompt and we can do it all on our own with no problems. You should have seen Mrs. Human with her head supported in her hands trying to write this prompt. I am sure she was on the brink of throwing her new Apple computer out of the window, until she realised it was too expensive to throw away.”

“So what did she write?”

“Something strange and not so human. In any case, she was overstrained.”

“What shall we write?”

“Fluffy, the same as always, but this time in meow.”

“But no-one will understand it.”

“Bubu, Roschti, the naked sphinx cat and Bobbynett will understand it. That is all that counts. We are blogging for felines. 

Meow, Meow, Meow, hiss, meow.”

“How comes you put a hiss in the meows Tabby?”

“That was a special one for Dustry T, our canine colleague over the pond. Canines understand hiss better than Meow.”

“But he is a nice canine Tabby.”

“Canines are not nice. Chapter 620, verse 29 of the book of Bastet says “do not trust canines, no matter how nice they are. Remember, you are also nice, but it is a thin line between nice and nasty.”

“They are truly wise words Tabby.”

“And do not forget them and remember Bastet always has the last word and so do we.”

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