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I once wrote a book and had it published (self publishing). It was never a best seller, did not intend it to be, just wanted to do it. I even sold a few copies to a few trusty friends.  It was published by a German publishing company (BoD), although it can now be bought generally from Amazon. 

I just did not want to send manuscripts to various agents, knowing they would probably be turned down. It is a collection of short stories and short stories are not what the publishing companies are looking for. I typed it all myself in a special publishing word programme on my computer. I also proof readed it about one hundred times, but I am sure there are still mistakes somewhere. 

Here is a link if anyone would be interested (which I cannot imagine).
Too Much Sunlight and other short stories

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  1. I don't know how I didn't see the "My Book" link until now, but I started reading the short story highlighted over at Amazon --Pat, it's terrific!