Friday, 6 February 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: No, Meow

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Everywhere


“Why should Fluffy and I go somewhere else?”

“Of course Tabby, when we have the table laid in the garden, just four paws away, there is no reason to travel.”

“OK felines, I just thought you might like a change. Somewhere nice in the country with some different scenery.”

“And how do we get to this nice place Mrs. Human?”

“I would take you both in the car.”

“No way Mrs. Human. Cars are things for taking felines to vets, a real Rocky Feline Horror Picture Show. Forced into a cage, rocked up and down and then the big shock with jabs and thermometers in private places Fluffy, don’t believe her. It is all a trick to get us to go somewhere. No, we will remain where we are. Permanent full dish of food, even if it is only vitamin pellets you have to force down your throat and our own cat tray which the person we own cleans.”

“I just thought you would like a little change.”

“Tabby I do not want a change.”

“Don’t worry Fluffy, we stay where we are. See what you have done Mrs. Human, Fluffy is nervous and is spraying his territory.”

“Yes Tabby, I can smell it. Thank goodness we are in the garden.”

“Talking of the garden Mrs. Human, I think I will take a walk.”

“I will come with you Tabby. How shall we do it. A quiet sleek or a quick pounce.”

“We will combine it Fluffy. Sleek up as near as possible and when they are stuffing themselves with birdseed and think they are safe we will pounce.”

“No, Fluffy and Tabby, there will be no pouncing.”

“Mrs. Human do you have to speak in such a loud voice. That big fat juicy bird has now flown away.”

“That was the idea felines. I was thinking about a nice plate of tuna fish.”

“OK, but garnished with catnip Mrs. Human.”

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  1. Ahhh, tuna....the best way to distract a feline :-))