Friday, 6 February 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: No, Thanks No. 2

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

Snow on the Jura

Not really I suppose. At the moment I would not like to visit the slopes of the Jura mountains. The photo was taken on my way to Langendorf where the famous supermarket is. It would be just 10 minutes away from my home, but looking up with a point and shoot camera is enough. I would not like to visit these slopes amidst snow and ice, but looking is OK.

So having established there there is nowhere would not like to visit, it depends on the circumstances and there are a few rules that must be observed. Do credit card machines exist in this place where I am visiting? If I am in the middle of the desert invited by Ben Ali to see his camel collection, can I buy one of his beduin carpets if I have no money and can Mr. Swiss exchange me for a camel. It all has its price Yes, of course, Ben Ali produces his machine and inserts my card  and the carpet is paid for and Mr. Swiss goes home with a camel. Even in the middle of the desert you are connected with the outside world. Actually it did happen in a carpet shop in Marrakesh in Morocco. “No problem madame” and we bought our carpet.

Is there a drug store where I can get my daily portion of golden oldie medicine to keep me fit and active? No problem, and if not, you can always buy some sort of drug somewhere. in some places people sell drugs on street corners. 

I am visiting Paris and fall off the Eiffel Tower by putting my foot in the wrong place. Anything can happen to me. Would I be transported to the nearest hospital, would I get treatment and would my sickness insurance cover the repair work in the hospital? Above all would my life insurance pay for all the trimmings if the worst came to worst. If the answer if positive, then nothing would stand in my way to go there.

I am planning a visit to Jabberwock, but there are many open questions. How do I avoid a slithy tove. They gyre and gimble all over the place and I would probably have to take a special course in defence. Borogroves would also be a problem, not to mention if the weather conditions were brillig. That is a worst case scenario if ever there was one. I called my insurance company and when I mentioned the land of Jabberwock the answer was “Where? Are you sure, you are not covered for Banderscnatch attacks, unless you have a vorpal sword for protection.” 

I then checked on the computer but found no business selling vorpal swords in my area, although there were some do-it-yourself instructions on a site named “Precautions for visits to Jabberwock”. It seemed I should shape the sword with the help of a glumphing shamble and put it in a columptable trang for a week. Afterwards it should function when taking it in hand. They did warn that it could be a long time in searching for the manxome foe, but all being well the Jabberwock will appear and whiff through the bulgy wood where I could complete the job of killing it.  Having an allergy against eyes of flame is not recommended. Apparently roasted Jabberwock trimmed with borogove pickles are quite a delicatessen when mixed with tumtum tree fruit.

So that little prompt is dealt with. Just remember you can go anywhere, do anything, but first of all consult your computer, and above all ask Lewis Carroll. He had a few good words of advice, especially when travelling to unknown places.

In the meanwhile I decided to stay at home. I am too old for these adventures. As I look out the window I see clouds of snow dust being wafted into the air by the high winds we have at the moment. The birds now wear woolly hats and little jumpers which I knitted for them. They are very fussy. The blackbirds wanted theirs in black to match their feathers, and the great tits decided on red for a contrast to their feathers. The crows just glared at me and cawed “don’t you dare” so I left it. They do not have the collective name “a  murder of crows” for nothing.

Will send you all a greetings card from Jabberwock when I arrive. The grungly train is waiting at the station driven by a frumerous bandersnatch at the wheel: all very exciting and real adventure.

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  1. There are many places I do still want to visit, if I ever come by the funds to do it. There a not many places I wouldn't visit, however I don't think I would go anywhere near Syria or Iraq at the moment. I would rather like my head to stay attached to my body!!