Monday 28 December 2015

Daily Prompt: Fearless Fantasies

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

Walk in the mist Feldbrunnen

I feel fear every day, after my golden oldie afternoon sleep: not fear of something that might lurch from the mists in my mind, but something much more concrete. A fear of a regurgitated daily prompt that I had already answered. Oh, yee of faith and belief in the originalities of a fresh daily prompt have nothing to fear, but we that write our best, day for day, we have a dark threat from somewhere in a cyber world that will repeat itself.

I decided to take a walk in the surrounding countryside to gather inspiration for something new to write on a theme that I had already dealt with in July 2014, but to no avail. The weather was not with me, it had made a pact with the dimly lit daily prompt. The fields were swathed in mists, no human apparition to be seen, even the graveyard appeared to be deserted and let us face it, graveyards are never really empty, there is always something there lurking. We have misty days in my area since a week and I am glad that the weather remains outside and I can still see clearly the products on the shelves in the supermarket. 

I did not intend writing on today’s daily doomsday prompt. Who is interested in the depths of my fears? Perhaps my favourite vegetables have been attacked by the frosty fingers of the weather, anything can happen in winter. This would mean that the price would increase by 50% and I would have to substitute my tomatoes with cabbage. I like cabbage, but it cannot be eaten with everything. Cabbage and fish would not go together, a fantasy full of fear.

And so I seek inspiration to feed my fears, my fears are subject to starvation. I have been there and done it so often, that I am now immune. Things that should bother me, no longer bother me, because I cannot change my fate. What happens will happen and so I take it one step at a time. Accidents may happen on the way, but that is all part of the excitement in life. If everything ran smoothly without those little incidents, we would have nothing to look forward to when circumstances return to their normal course.

I was so involved in my meditations on my walk through the misty paths that I only saw the threat at the last minute. He appeared from nowhere out of the mist, his bicycle lights blinding me. I jumped to one side and heard a muttered word “sorry” as the bicycle sped on. I could have been killed, run down by the surprise attack from a two wheeled monster. I was on my way home, although crossing the main road had its difficulties. After my confrontation with the bicycle I was prepared for everything. The car lights on the main road were approaching, the car gaining speed. I put my foot on the crossing, its stripes invisible in the mist. I walked on, holding out my arm to warn the driver of the approaching car. Unfortunately the car driver did not see my warning, perhaps because I was wearing a black jacket. He was very nice about everything, called an ambulance straight away and even brought me a large bouquet of roses in hospital. Luckily it was a simple broken leg, and nothing complicated and his insurance will be paying for everything. You see, what is the point of feeling fear. If it is going to happen, it will happen.

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