Sunday, 27 December 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Young at a feline heart

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

Tabby in the bathroom

Tabby, do you think I am looking older?”

“Mrs. Human, you look the same as ever, although you reactions to the opening of a tuna fish can are a little slower. I think it is called getting older. Even my reflexes are no longer what they used to be.”

“I noticed Tabby, you seem to be content with just watching the birds instead of chasing them.”

“That is just a development of my wisdom Mrs. Human. When I was a young kitten mum said grab what you can and so I did. As you get older you think it over and ask yourself “is it really worth it”.”

“And so you decide to let the birds live.”

“Not exactly Mrs. Human, but why catch a bird when I get a portion of chicken if you cook one and even my dry, hard to swallow, vitamin packed pellets are chicken flavoured. It is a matter of comparison of the effort involved and the results. It is not worth climbing up a bird house or a tree, or sneaking up on an unsuspecting bird when it all arrives in my food bowl. It is just a waste of energy involvement. Even we felines mature and realise that we should look after our bones.”

“Oh and I thought you had got a bad conscience about killing unsuspecting birds.”

“Forget it. Do you shed tears when you eat a chicken, wondering what his orphaned chicks are now doing without a mother.”

“That’s different Tabby, after all we have to eat to live.”

“And so do we felines, but we have to hunt to live, it is in the instinct. Even humans hunt.”

“I do not hunt.”

“What is the different if you go to the supermarket or do it yourself.”

“There is a big difference Tabby, I could not eat something I knew when it was alive.”

“I can, no problem. You humans are strange creature sometimes. So to change the subject, whats for dinner?”

“You always have a full dish Tabby with nice vitamin pellets and you don’t even have to kill it.”

“You see that’s the difference between the humans and we felines. You prefer it nicely packed in a plastic bag and we are not fussy. If it flies or walks, has feathers, or in the case of a mouse fur, kill it and eat it. The supermarket for felines has not yet been constructed.”

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