Friday 2 October 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Ode to a bird's nest

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

Birds nest

“Look Tabby we have now fixed the cat flap, you can go in and out as you please. Your feline playground is ready for you.”

“First of all Mrs. Human I go when I want to, not when you want and what is a “playground”?”

“I was just saying Tabby, I do not have to open the window for you now and you do not have to wait for me. A playground is a place where you can go and play, have fun.”

“Mrs. Human Tabby does not understand “play” or “fun”, my brain is operating 24 hours a day. We felines are in an operating curve. One of my main occupations during the warmer weather was observing the bird nest.”

“We have a bird nest?”

“Yes, I kept that little secret to myself of course, cannot have humans trampling all over it with a fast sense of protection as if it would be the last bird alive. It is in the fork of the apple tree. I believe there are some remains.”

“Oh yes, I must get my camera.”

“Typical human, I tell you of a source of nutrition and you want to take a photo. Unfortunately word seemed to spread in the neighbourhood that there was a family of birds growing into nice tasty juicy meals on wings. I had to queue with Roschti, Bubu and the rest of the territorial felines in the area. We were all waiting with open jaws and paws, but the birds flew the nest before we had a chance.”

“Exactly Tabby, and that is correct. The birds are not meals on wings. They are to be respected and cared for. What if one fell out of the nest? The mother bird would be desperate.”

“Unfotunately a bird did not fall out of the nest. They survived their flying lessons with no problem. There was a crow near bye that was keeping an eye on them, and no feline discusses the survival of a bird with a crow.”

“So are you going out to play, sorry indulge in an extension of your operating curve.”

“I am thinking about it Mrs. Human. I believe I just heard the pitter patter of tiny mouse feet in my hunting revere. Will be back when I feel like it.”

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