Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Topic Generator: Zealous Trainer


“What am I supposed to do?”

“Run through the fire of course.”

“But that’s dangerous, I could get burnt.”

“Do you want to be a village fireman or not?”

“When I volunteered, no-one told me that I would have to run through a wall of fire. I thought I would be climbing ladders and sort of rescuing people in distress. There was no talk of an actual fire.”

“We are called firemen, and without a fire we cannot be firemen, so run now.”

“But it looks very dangerous and I can feel the heat from here.”

“That’s is why you are dressed in fireproof clothing, with a helmet and protective gloves. Otherwise you would get burnt. Fred, you will never become a fire fighter if you do not fight the fire.”

“Perhaps you could put the fire out first, then I would risk it. I don’t mind running over hot coals.”

“You colleagues are beginning to laugh Fred. Move, run, go for it.”

“Ok, at your risk, but just one thing.”

“Yes Fred.”

“Are the fire extinguishers ready to put out the fire in case I start burning. I do not want to be in hospital tomorrow with burns.”

“Fred it is very rare that one of my firemen are in hospital after fighting a fire.”

“But there is always an exception to the rule. They said when I become a fire fighter I would have a hose to put water on the fire. No-one said I would actually have to have contact with the fire.”

“Awwww, who pushed me?”

“We all did Fred, and you survived. Any burns?”

“No, not really but I only joined as a first aid man. If you look at the form. I am not a qualified fire fighter.”

“Oh, sorry Fred, my mistake. I did to read the small print on your application form, but why not carry on with the fire fighter training. You first fire christening was a success.”

“No thanks chief, I am quite happy to treat the burns belonging to the others. And now can I change into something dry. My clothes got wet after you ordered the men to put out the fire with the hose.”


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