Tuesday 8 September 2015

Topic Generator: Jolly Rush

Path River Aar

If you see a tree in Switzerland with this golden diamond marked on the trunk, then you know you are on the right path to beautiful scenery and quiet moments on a healthy, relaxing walk and so I decided to follow the hiking trail. 

It was along the banks of the local River Aar where swans and ducks paddle side by side, with their heads buried in the river searching for something edible. There were even cows parked along the side of the river to complete the picturesque scenery. The cows were busy munching grass and having a peaceful few hours before retiring to the stall for the night.

Cows by the Rvier Aar

What could be more perfect, it was pure nature and then I heard a rushing sound in my ears and human voices. I stepped to one side and two bicycles passed me, each of the riders with a dog lead in their hand. Yes, not only are you now threatened to be pushed on one side by a bike, but there are dogs following, probably to pick up any bones that might be left from the body of the walker. I moved to one side of the path, although that was also not an easy task. There are humans fishing in the river, and you should avoid them.

I made my way along the river bank, avoiding various cyclists every 2 or 3 minutes and trying to stay upright. At last there was no cyclist in sight, so I continued on the way and then I was overtaken by a young lady dressed in her running shoes, special execution, shorts and a t-shirt and yes, she also had a dog with her. It seemed to me that those dogs all had their tongues hanging out and were struggling to keep up with their humans. Now it was fun, because a young man passed me. He had those stretchy tight short trousers that the bikers often wear. At last a highlight on my walk.

I continued. In the meanwhile those that had passed me on the way and reached their destination and yes, they were on the return journey. At least I could see them coming, and so I was again doing my slalom walking weaving between runners and cyclists to ensure that my walk remained without accident. At one point on my walk I was overtaken by a fisher dressed in his fishing uniform and carrying a fishing rod. I was now feeling a little tired and decided to have a rest on the next bench which I knew was just around the next tree. Unfortunately the fisher that overtook me had parked his fishing bag (probably full of worms etc.) on the bench and was fishing next to the bench. I decided it would be wiser to continue on my walk, although I was feeling rather tired and five minuted later I discovered an empty bench with no cyclists, dogs, runners or fishers.

I rested a few minutes and before the next cyclist threat appeared and I began to climb the steps to the top of the path. Not an easy task, there are 70 steps, I counted them, but there were no cycle or running paths.

Steps from River Aar to village Feldbrunnen

I eventually arrived safely home tired but happy, not quite. It was a stress, just one big jolly rush for the cyclists, the runners and the dogs.


  1. The road I live on is a particular favourite of cyclists, so to walk or driving along the road is always a slalom event. Thankfully the nearest fishing is a few miles away, so at least I don't have to tangle with an angler!!

    1. Cycling is all in here, even the local burgermeister goes to work on a bike. I cannot even ride one and Mr Swiss gave his bike to our son as he found it was becoming too dangerous on the roads. the cyclists kept overtaking him.