Tuesday 8 September 2015

Daily Feline Post: The Young and the Rested Felines

When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?


“You look quite rested Tabby, but no longer so young.”

“Fluffy, be still, your meows are not necessary. You are only a year younger than I am and even your rastafari curls on your head are turning a slight shade of grey.”

“That is not true. I am a blue tabby, and we have interesting fur colours.”

“Fluffy, I have never seen anything blue in your fur, looks more like off-white, something that has been washed in the colour wash in the machine instead of the white wash.”

“Tabby, your MacDonalds “M” on your forehead is also no longer as fresh and sharp as it was. Looks quite frayed out at the edges.”

“Ok, Fluffy, let’s face it, we are no longer as young and fit as we were. I think the last time I chased a cat from our territory must have been at least a month ago, if not longer.”

“Tabby, you never chased a feline away from our territory, they were always faster than you. On the other hand you were always the first to jump through the feline flap if you were being chased.”

“And you Tabby, you just hide somewhere. I don’t remember that your were chased or chased anything, except for your tail.”

“Yes, that stupid tail is always following me. I wonder why.”

“One day I will explain that, but in the meanwhille just keep chasing it and let me know if you ever catch it.”

“So now for a rejuvinating sleep. I am sure I will feel at least 20 feline years younger afterwards. Bastet said that sleep is the best thing for saving lives.”

“I will join you Tabby, and then we will both have our 9 lives again.”

“Well at least 8 of them I suppose.”


  1. After 5 weeks at home I felt more than rested and was actually glad to return to work!! Now after two weeks back, I need a rest.....luckily it is now time for my two week's leave, so I am off to visit my mom tomorrow, followed by a visit to Baz once he has arrived back from the US.