Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Daily Prompt: Retrospectively Funny

Tell us about a situation that was not funny at all while it was happening, but that you now laugh about whenever you remember it.

Waste disposal Feldbrunnen

I was taking a walk from our village via the stables to the cemetery about four months ago. I was on the territory of the local town, near the tennis courts and was confronted with these monsters. My first thought was that the Daleks have landed and are building their own village nearby. These are just the ventilators to the outside world to provide fresh air in their accommodation. Beneath the surface Mr. and Mrs. Dalek were getting their house organised. There would be a kitchen to cook the Dalek food, in as far as they have a digestive system, and now and again they would have a game of tennis on the nearby tennis courts. I moved closer to these strange objects and pressed my ear to the opening which you can see in the middle of the front side. I heard nothing, there was silence. Perhaps the were sleeping, or they communicated by telepathy. I looked around to see if Dr. Who was near, and then I spied this in the garden of a nearby restaurant.

English Telephone box Pintli restaurant Feldbrunnen

Instead of the usual blue police telephone box, Dr. Who was travelling incognito and had decided to arrive by normal London Telephone box. As you can see this box had seen many hardships, the paintwork having suffered after many journeys throughout the world of Dr. Who. I decided to keep my eye of the situation, but no Daleks were seen wheeling through my garden or the local village. Perhaps they had disguised themselves as the local postman, or even the village chief. 
I searched the newspapers daily for reports of Dalek movements in the neighbourhood, and eventually forgot the whole thing. The only strange happening was that one of the neighbours had planted a rosebush in the garden. Who knows why, and what is beneath the rose bush. I will definitely keep an eye of the situation.

In the meanwhle, just a few days ago, Mr. Swiss and I took another one of our famous marathon walks. To arrive at the beginning of the footpath we had to walk through the village. It was then I saw them, a complete row. The daleks were now creeping nearer.


They had arrived in the top half of our village known as St. Niklaus, which will probably be renamed “Dalek Town”. Again these strange objects were strategically place, next to the school house. The little Dalek kids were growing and no needed to be educated. We were surrounded. One group next to the tennis courts and now in the village. Note the entrance holes. Who knows what is happening below. They are probably building tunnels to reach the local river. Our water will be polluted with Dalek substances. Last night I had an unrestful night, hearing the words being muttered  “We will kill, it is our purpose”. I entered the living room and saw Mr. Swiss engrossed in a television programme showing one of those older films from 1966 “Dr. Who and the Daleks”. 

“I though we were being invaded.”

“No it is just an old film, I thought you liked science fiction.”

“I saw the Dalek homes that had been built i the village next to the school house. There are also some near the tennis courts.”

“You mean the new waste disposal containers? I find them quite good. It is much easier to organise the rubbish. You wouldn’t know I suppose. I always go with our No. 1 son and we can sort it all into the correct container. One is for glass, one for plastic, as well as clothing and shoes - it is a very well organised Swiss way of rubbish disposal.

In retrospect, I suppose it was funny, but who knows? I saw a meteor in the sky last week, although someone said it was one of those balloons from the weather station.


  1. Although some cosmetic changes have taken place over the years, Daleks are still essentially the appearance they look like giant salt and pepper pots covered in boils and sprouting appendages. I think you were safe in this case. However, if you hear the word "exterminate!!" repeated over and for the hills!!