Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Daily Feline Post: We are not Copycats

Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.

Nera, begging

“What’s a copy cat Tabby?”

“That’s a human problem, like when they copy what the other human does.”

“Oh, I see, luckily we felines do not have that problem.”

“Of course not Fluffy. We do our own thing. If I mark my territory, no other feline will dare to mark in the same place. It is a matter of honour.”

“Exactly Tabby, it is a matter of respect, no matter how much you might like the other marking feline.”

“Fluffy, you have something wrong there. We only like I, me and myself, all others are not important and we do not like any other feline.”

“You mean you do not like me.”

“Of course not Fluffy, I just indulge you. As long as I am the boss, it makes not difference. I am the alpha feline around here. What I meow is the law.”

“It used to be Nera that told us what to do.”

“Nera is no longer here, but living her 10th life in the Eternal Corn Chambers, although now and again she might give us some advice.”

“You mean when she visits all transparent with a golden glow and tells us what to do.”

“Yes, that is when we do things in Nera style. Fluffy stop trying to sit on your back leg and waving your paws in the air like a human.”

“But Nera used to do that.”

“I know that was her speciality. All felines have something special. I can open the sliding door in the kitchen for example.”

“What’s my speciality Tabby.”

“That is fairly obvious. You have dreadlocks on top of your head and leave a path of white fur wherever you walk. I suppose being a Selkirk Rex is something special, there are not many of them, but don’t let it go to your whiskers if you have any. Yes, that is also a speciality, you constantly loose your whiskers and when they remain they look like a corkscrew.”

“Oh, Tabby, I also have something special. I am so glad. Then I don’t have to visit a feline psychiatrist for my inferiority complex.”

“Of course not Fluffy, felines do not have inferiority complexes. don’t forget, we were worshipped as gods in the old country.”


  1. A feline inferiority complex? Hmmmm....that's certainly something to ponder!!

    1. After consultation with Tabby, Fluffy realised that inferiority complexes are something for humans when in the presence of felines.