Thursday, 23 July 2015

Daily Prompt: The Perfect Wedding

Your son marries in Germany. The weather is perfect, everything is organised and now its time to go. My son paid me a visit two days ago and brought some more photos with him, so slowly I can piece the whole event together.

2015-07-21 21.00.18-8

My son and his future wife arrive outside the church in a vintage Fiat. The son’s mother (me) and daughter-in-law’s parents are in the car behind. It was a perfect Summer’s Day, so what could possibly go wrong. It was a slow drive from the village of Burg along the River Mosel to the church in in a neighbouring village of Sprengiersbach. On the way people stopped to admire the wedding car. I remember seeing a group of bicyclists waiting on a side road and waving with their hands. It was so perfect. 

Now a small explanation that might not know about the student groups in high schools and universities in Europe. Both my son and daughter-in-law were active in their own groups in Switzerland and Germany and of course the students were present at the wedding. I was especially touched by the Swiss representation which left our town of Solothurn, Switzerland early in the morning to drive to Germany to be present at the wedding which was in the afternoon. It was a 4-5 hour road journey included a few traffic jams on the way, but they made it complete with uniforms. There were also three members present of the German student group to which my daughter-in-law belongs. During the church service they were positioned on each side of the entrance to the altar. Naturally a photo was taken outside the church, the Swiss delegation with the blue hats on the left and the German delegation on the right. Guess where my son and daughter-in-law met. Not difficult, the student groups often get together over the borders.

2015-07-21 21.00.18-5

After the ceremony we left for a restaurant where various cakes and pastries were offered and of course, there was the customary cutting of the cake.

2015-07-21 21.00.18-9

As the restaurant was reserved for only our party, we remained for the rest of the day, having the meal in the evening. To pass time many of the wedding guests paid a visit to a neighbouring Kneipp pool to relax, including the bride that had to remove her shoes and lift her dress to take part. You can see from the web site what this actually is. Needless to say Mrs. Angloswiss decided not to risk this enjoyment and spent the time relaxing on the restaurant terrace. After the meal we had a band to entertain us.

If you are still wondering what I was wearing, you will have to bear with me when more photos arrive.