Saturday, 7 March 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Confidence

Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at?

Fluffy and Tabby

“Our middle name is Confidence. What a stupid prompt this is.”

“Yes Tabby, I totally agree. We are good at everything we do and I feel no urge to be better at anything else.”

“This is an insult to our feline intelligence Fluffy. we can kill a mouse with one swipe of the paw, what more do you want.”

“Although we do have problems with the birds, they can fly.”

“Yes Fluffy, but even they have to rest now and again and then we pounce.”

“True, but we often pounce and they fly away.”

“That is not the point Fluffy, we are good, we are felines and don’t forget the importance of having nine lives.”

“Yes Tabby, if we miss the first time, we have another eight tries.”

“Not exactly, because we might miss the other 8 times, but we will survive. Of course, I might like to be better at writing on my pawpad or perhaps winning a fight with Roschti.”

“Talking of that Tabby, I heard Mrs. Human saying that you had another race for your life to the cat flap this morning with Roschti hard on your paws.”

“All exaggeration Fluffy. We were just playing.”

“Mrs.Human said it did not sound like a game, more like the survival of the fittest.”

“Forget it, and now to do what I can do best. I will have a few hours sleep.”

“I am good at that as well Tabby, let’s see who can sleep the longest.”

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  1. I'd like to take them up on the 'who can sleep the longest' challenge!!