Monday 9 March 2015

The Way Down

Tabby descending

“Can I go further now Mrs. Human, I can’t keep this pose forever, just take your photo quickly.”

“OK Tabby, you can continue.”

“Did you get this climbing thing to show everyone how I do it, or was it for a purpose?”

“I thought it was a good idea to save you jumping up and down to the top of the cupboard, although you never use it when going up, just when coming down.”

“Mrs. Human I am not yet a golden oldie like you and am still able to move like all normal felines. I don’t know why you insisted on getting this ladder thing, just to show everyone how I can do it I suppose.”

“I was worried about the distance if you would jump from the cupboard to the ground and might injure youself.”

“I am feline and do not jump and injure myself. We turn and twist in the air and settle firmly on our paws.”

“But you never know Tabby.”

“If I wanted to I could jump onto the desk which is just beneath the cupboard, but to humour you I use the ladder. I suppose it was some human idea you could buy with your iPad online. I remember when it arrived with all those bits and pieces. That was a human pantomime until Mr. Human managed to piece it together. You and Mr. Human were looking at it for ages waiting for ma to actually use it, so I did just to make you happy.”

“Oh, I thought you would be glad for a little help to the top of the cupboard.”

“Yes Mrs. Human, no problem, we cats do tend to have problems climbing.”


“Yes Fluffy”

“But we have no problems climbing.”

“Of course we don’t, but you have to humour these humans just to make them feel wanted and necessary.”

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  1. I'm sure Tabby would have a logical explanation, but my question would be.....why do felines need to be on top of a cupboard in the first place?