Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Tagline

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if felines did, too? What would your tagline be?

Easter bunnies

“Rabbit, definitely, that’s the thing I like about Easter, it is all rabbit and chicken.”

“Meaning what Fluffy?”

“It’s obvious Tabby. None of those boring vitamin filled pellets, but something we can really get our teeth into it.”

“I don’t think so Fluffy. I don’t want to disappoint you, but the only bunny rabbits Mrs. Human will get are the ones made out of that chocolate stuff and as far as chickens are concerned, forget it. I think she is planning a Chinese Chicken dish at some time and that will be accompanied with strange spices and vegetables.”

“Oh, and what about us?”

“Unless you like to eat eggs for breakfast, I do not think we will be sharing in this Easter feast.”

“Eggs? What do you do with eggs.?”

“I remember in my kitten days I would paw them around on the floor if I got one, but that was replaced with a human feline toy known as “ball” and I would roll it around on the floor.”

“I remember Tabby, I had one too and it had a distinct strong flavour of catnip. Oh, they were the days, not only something to play with but we got high on it as well. So what’s left for us on this Easter thing. I don’t remember Bastet mentioning it in her book.”

“Of course she didn’t, she had other things to do, although many of us celebrated our removal to the world of Bastet as a side dish in the pyramids. They are the chosen few that sit on the council with Bastet.”

“Something like Nera?”

“Not exactly, she is helping to organise it all.”

“Hi felines, how are you keeping.”

“Hi Nera, paying us a visit.”

“Yes just for a few moments. Bastet said I could do a sort of re-incarnation, after all it is Easter.”

“I didn’t think we did Easter.”

“We don’t, but Bastet found it a good opportunity for a re-appearance. Look I brought you something. We had an excess of mice in the corn chambers.”

“Oh thanks Nera that is great. At least we have something special for Easter, I love corn chamber mice, they have more fat on them.”

“OK, bye felines, have a nice Easter. I have to go. I can hear Mrs. Human and we don’t want her to faint again when she sees me. She seems to have an allergy towards semi transparent black cats.”

“Bye Nera, see you again sometime.”

“Did I see the glimpse of a black feline, a sort of Nera lookalike, although transparent.”

“No Mrs. Human, must have been your imagination.”

“Tabby, she fainted.”

“No problem, Fluffy, just a human reality problem.”

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