Monday, 16 March 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Places

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?


“Where shall we go today Tabby?”

“I was thinking of a sleep for a few hours, who wants to go anywhere?”

“But there is Spring in the air, the crocuses are flowering and the birds are singing, so let’s make the most of the lovely weather.”

“Fluffy, I am making the most of the weather. I am sleeping, or was, until you awoke me.”

“But I hear the pitter patter of tiny mouse feet.”

“Oh, really, where, show me the way Fluffy.”

“I thought you wanted to sleep.”

“I did, but if the mice are ready to go, so am I. It is Spring, the time that the greenhorn mice are making their first little steps in the green, green grass of home.”

“That was quite poetical Tabby, sounded good, so let’s go.”

“Actually I got it from a song they played on the radio today by Cat Jones from a guy that was in prison ready to be executed and he could only think of the green, green grass.”

“Silly guy, but on the other hand it is quite logical. The mice are probably enjoying the green, green grass until we pounce and it will be their last thoughts. Look there goes one.”

“Missed it Fluffy, it disappeared in the ground before I could catch it.”

“I noticed. I will smell my way over and wait with my paw on the hole until it appears again.”

“Look there it is.”

“Where Tabby?”

“Silly felines we are. crossed the lawn underground and turned up on the other side. I will hold my paw over the other end of the underground passage and wait.”

“Err Tabby”


“It has appeared again out of another hole.”

“I think we are doing something wrong somehow.”

“What are you two stupid felines doing. Leave my mouse holes alone. My babies are learning the ways and have not been produced for the next feline meal.”

“Oh, Tabby, I think that is the mama  mouse and she is not very happy.”

“Yes, I am the mama mouse and leave my kids alone. How would you like it if I hunted your kittens?”

“We don’t do kittens Mrs. Mouse, not in our biological streaming programme.”

“Children, come now, and remember never trust those big four legged stupid animals with whiskers that speak meow. It is time for your guided tour of the underground mouse paths, and remember if you are ever threatened by those meow creatures, just disappear into a path and stay there until night when it is safer.”

“Tabby, I don’t think we were so successful.”

“No, strike minced mouse from the menu. And now for a rewarding sleep. Who wants mouse anyhow?”

“We do Tabby.”

“Forget it, wait until the farmer ploughs the fields, then we will pounce.”

“Oh, Tabby you are so wise.

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