Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge 131: Black and White

„I don’t like snow Nera“ and Tabby the cat stamped her paw to emphasise her remark.

„Neither do I” Nera cat answered, “but as I am a clever cat, I still go out without problems.”

“OK clever cat Nera, how do you manage that? I walk as far as the edge of the cold white stuff and that is enough. If I put my paw into it, my claws almost get frozen and even my fur sticks together. I wish it was warmer again, when things start moving in the earth. Even the mice have disappeared.”

“Of course that have, no respecting mouse would crawl around in that white stuff. Even their mouse brains understand that much. And if they did Tabby, would you chase after them through a field of white cold snow?”

“Of course not, Nera, but you still havn’t told me how you manage to walk through it. I even saw you on the path at the side of the garden.”

“OK, Tabby I will tell you my secret, but don’t tell all the cats around here. I don’t want them all walking around and getting in my way. At the moment I have the territory for myself. They are all so stupid that they stay at home and sleep all day, like another cat I know.”

“Are you referring to me, by any chance, Nera? What else should I do all day? Too cold to go out, and eating and drinking just tires me out.”

“I know Tabby, but do you really have to sleep on the bathroom carpet in front of Mrs. Human’s litter box.”

“It’s the warmest place I know Nera.”

“It is so degenerating for a cat and I even heard Mrs. Human objecting, that she has to share her litter box room with a cat.”

“And..... I have to share my litter box with you and Fluffy.”

“First of all Tabby, it is not your litter box. It happens to be mine, although I really only use it when I have to. I just let you and Fluffy use it out of consideration to cats with lesser intelligence. All self respecting and important cats like me prefer the great outdoors, marking our territory on the way.”

“Nera, I also prefer the great outdoors, but at the moment the ground is frozen solid and I even heard Mr. Human complaining about the amount of waste three cats can produce when they are indoors all the time using the litter box. So Nera, come on, tell me the secret about going for long walks in the snow."

"Tabby use your cat brain. Just take a look at the field of snow in the garden and what do you see."

"Lots of snow with some trees and plants, also covered in snow; a complete white garden, covered in snow."

"Tabby, if you mention the word snow again, I will leave a paw print on your nose."

"But Nera, the garden is just full of snn........  - Aw. That one hurt."

"So just be quiet and take another look. What do you see other than a white surface. Just look a bit closer you short-sighted Tabby cat."

"Aha, you mean those small round black markings. I was wondering what they were."

"Tabby, they are my delicate and dainty paw prints that I make when I walk through the snow. One after the other, my cat path."


"Are you really so daft Tabby. Take another look and notice that you see very few trails, although I have been in the garden often."

"Yes, that's true. It looks like you have walked away and havn't come back yet."

"Tabby, that is because when I return I walk again in the same paw prints. My paws stay clean and warm and I do not have to thaw them out when I return. Understand? I am using the same path each time I go out."


"Yes Tabby, you see how intelligent and clever I am. Now go for a nice long sleep indoors. I think I will do some snow trekking outside. If a plate of tuna turns up in the meanwhile, just give me a miaow."
Cat footprints in the snow

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