Tuesday 7 August 2012

Foto Fun Week 70 - Communication

The local post office
This is our local post office. Living in a small village, we only have a small post office. It is only open for two hours in the morning and from 3.30 in the afternoon until 6.30 I think. Anyhow you have to be sure it is open when you have a letter to send or parcel. The grey boxes you see at the entrance are the post boxes belonging to various people or companies that expect a lot of post. They pay for them and the post is put in the boxes. You just collect it yourself.

The post is naturally delivered by the postman. , He just puts the post in our letter boxes outside the entrance. If he brings something that you have to sign for or a parcel, then he rings the bell and you open the door. Of course everyone in the village knows the postman, he lives just around the corner from me.

The big square yellow thing next to the boxes is the letter box, in case the post office is closed (which it usually is). As you can see our official colour for the post is yellow. It is all part of village life.

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