Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mono Monday Plus 29.11.2012

It does get very cold in Switzerland in Winter, so if there are plants in the garden you want to keep then you have to wrap them up nice and warm to avoid the frost. I have a rosemary, now approaching its fifth year and naturally it is something I like to keep. Each year it gets bigger and better and even flowers. Every Autumn I spend time making a nice parcel of it, and this is the result.

Disguised Rosemary plant in winter
When my other half saw this photo he came to perhaps the same conclusions as you might, it looks almost alive. I then decided this would be my project this week. First of all I converted it into mono, then did a second layer of the original and brought the sepia colour back to the parcel wrappings - all in CS3 Photoshop. I put a frame around it in Piknik and this was the result.

This did not strike me as being anything spectacular and then I found the frost frame in Piknik, so added it and this was the result.

which I liked a lot better. Now for the actual idea of the whole thing. Mr. Swiss, my other half, found it looked almost human, so the decision was made. I removed the eyes from my cat Nera on a photo and planted them in the two dents at the top, all in photoshop with the tools they have. Don't ask me which one, it is learning by doing and my programme is in German in any case. I then found a lot of snowy accessories in Piknik which I used. A hat, a nose and a beard. I also put the snowing effect on it, also in Piknik. I then planted a couple of snow flakes on it and did a frosty frame again and this is the result; my snowman in the garden. The snow he has just landed on him when it was snowing.

Snowman in garden
Click here for larger size

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