Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge #130 - Stinking Thinking


“I will kill that dog that barks so loud
If he was not so big” cat Nera miaowed
“He chases me, hunts me and ruins my peace
He calls stupid cat and says I'm obese”

I will kill the mice that live in the field
I have claws in my paws, their fate is sealed
But they laugh and say “you are only a cat
you are slow and stupid and far too fat.”

I would kill a bird, if only I could fly
But the birds just laugh and say good bye
“Nera cat” they say “you might be our foe
But you are so fat you are very slow”.

So forget stinking thinking, birds, dogs, mice are scruffy
I tell you again I am not fat just fluffy
Just leave me alone, I have only one wish
A nice big round bowl full of tuna fish.

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