Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mono Monday Plus 29.11.2020

Toshiba bw
One day I was sitting outside on the patio. The sun was shining and my other half said that would make a good photo with the reflection of the letters on the table from my computer, so I took a shot. It was not very colourful, but here it is in monochrome. I did not do much with it, just played a bit with contrasts and stuff in CS3.

Toshiba bw and bw distorted with rose

Click here for larger photo
So, what to do with it afterwards. First of all I distorted the shape of my computer, as well as the reflection of the letters and the table. I decided a little bit of colour would be ok and after trying out a few things I eventually copied one of my roses in the garden into the picture, also with CS3. I also made it a bit transparent. I think I was trying to accomplish something artistic with this photo.

Toshiba stripy background
For my final experiment, I took a photo I made once at a reptile exhibition I visited, of a tortoise. I balanced him up on the other side and also made him a little bit transparent. I then decided to run amok with colour and put one of the filters in the background with layering in CS3. I think it was the filter where you can play around with lighting effects, getting clouds and all sorts of toys. Anyhow this was how it turned out, just automatically.

That was my effort for this week - nothing spectacular, but it was fun.

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