Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Tuna Fish Wednesday again

Nera eating tuna fish

"That was worth waiting for" said Nera as she went through her portion of tuna fish. "Wednesday is just my favourite day of the week."
"That's true Nera, when I woke up this afternoon, I just felt that Mrs. Human would be getting her tin opener out this evening to make sure that our tuna fish dinner would be served at the right time."

Tabby eating tuna fish

"I thought I saw Mr. Grey wandering around just now out of the corner of my eye" said Tabby. "I hope he doesn't think he will be getting a share of my fish."
"No worry", said Fluffy "I made sure he will steer clear of us while we are eating."
"What does that mean, Fluffy" asked Nera.
"No problem, Nera, I hunted him away."
"You did what? I think you better explain that one Fluffy".
"Oh it was quite easy Nera. Mrs. Human had just put our fish out for us and you and Tabby were not here. Mr. Grey turned up and started having a sniff of your fish, so I decided to attack - you know claws showing, spitting and a bit of growling - just like you two showed me in the training camp we had last week."
"And what did Mr. Grey do" asked Tabby.
"Mr. Grey also tried the claw showing bit and made some funny noises, but he decided I was too much for him and he ran off."
"Just a minute Fluffy" I said, "it wasn't exactly like that, but almost."
"Well, I did my best didn't I Mrs. Human."
"Fluffy you did more than your best, that is why I think it was a good thing that I was here as well."
"What happened" asked Nera and Tabby together.
So I explained that Fluffy did actually show his claws and made some threatening feline noises and then I came to look what was going on. Before a real cat fight broke out I picked up Fluffy and put him indoors and Mr. Grey ran off. I also moved the fish indoors afterwards to make sure of no repeat performance. You never know what cats get up to when your back is turned.

Mr. Grey did come back for more, but there was not very much left and by then Tabby, Nera and Fluffy were sort of lazing around outside in the garden. I think they were so worn out from eating their tuna fish that Mr. Grey could have made off with the rest and they wouldn't have noticed.

Fluffy eating tuna fish

Otherwise it was a very pleasant day today. Nice and warm, but sitting in the office you don't get much of the nice weather. Our summer tyres have now been put on the car. Mr. Swiss did make a remark about having to wait at least an hour as the tyre place was full of housewives having their tyres changed. You can't have everything I suppose. This evening looks like it will be one of those reading evenings - no East Enders on the tv. I actually read a lot, but must admit I had never read anything by Ernest Hemingway, so I decided it was time to start. At the moment I am half way through "Farewell to Arms" and find it quite a good book. Mr. Hemingway keeps his sentences nice and short and you know what is going on.

So cats you have had your tuna fish and now you can go and take a nice long walk, but be quiet when you get back and don't make a noise as it will probably be long past midnight. "And tomorrow you can tell me all about the training camp Fluffy."

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