Saturday 10 May 2008

First Aid Evening with the 5 Senses

Im Reich der Sinne  08.05.1008

This might look like we were having a seance with food, but actually we were having a serious lesson about the five senses. Most of you know that we have five of them (perhaps someone here has a 6th one?) - hearing, smelling, touch, taste, sight. Yours truly is the elderly lady on the right at the front, the others a couple of colleagues. There was another table with some of our members. On the photo the taste sense was being tried out and I must admit up to now I had only seen something like that on a tv show.

We were blindfolded and were given a spoon full of something and had to say what it was. It is really a test to see how good your taste buds are. The first was a hazelnut dipped in honey which I did guess. They we had something very sour, but the best was the last one - an Italian amaretto biscuit. they are made with bitter almonds and taste quite good.

I did have a small mishap with the first test. That was the a bit of a combination of touch and I thought taste - that was my mistake. I had to put my hand into a bag and guess what I felt. The first was easy - that was rice. The second one I was the first to try. There was a glass dish in the bag with something more liquid in it. When I took my hand out they were covered with a white creamy sort of thing, so I thought aha, yogurt and started licking my fingers. The shock was a bit crass when I found it to be face cream, and that does not taste very good at all. The idea was to touch and smell and not to eat.

Otherwise we spent a couple of hours going through the physical side of it all. Where are the taste buds in the mouth, where do you get the sour taste, where the sweet and where the bitter on the tongue. We had a hearing test with various noises and you had to guess what you were hearing. One was the wind blowing, but it sounded to me like modern classical music with a choir singing along.

All in all an interesting evening - the idea was for us to know how to treat people that might show signs of having problems with the function of their senses and being able to diagnose what was wrong.

We also sorted out who would attend which occasion during the year. I will be spending an afternoon at a local football tournament which can be fun when all those grown men have a cramp in their muscles, although depending who it is I just give them the ointment and they can apply it themselves. With the blisters I have to go into action myself, but no problem. I will also be at the town's market festival in the afternoon. I leave the evenings to the professionals.

Here one of the photos from last year's football tournament.

Football Tournament Riedholz

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