Sunday, 11 May 2008

Whit Sunday and mother's day combined

Storm brewing over Feldbrunnen

After a week of non stop sunshine the heavens grew grey this evening and there was rain. Not that it bothered me much as I was just thinking I would have to go and water the garden and some work was saved. We had a bit of a light show accompanied by thunder so my cats decided not to go out.

"That was a bit of an inconvenience" Nera the big fat black cat complained "I decided to sleep most of the afternoon to save my energy for this evening and just as I woke up and had a lick to prepare myself for the evening - you never know who you might meet on the way - it started raining."
"You should do it like I do" said Tabby "Have a sleep during the day outside in the shade of a tree, then if it starts raining in the evening there is no problem. Even Mr. Grey decided to take a rest in the shade of our apple tree."

Mr. Grey

"I thought you didn't like Mr. Grey" answered Nera.
"Nera, since you told me to treat him nicely and not scare him away any more I just have to put up with it don't I?"
"You know Tabby just think a bit, he does not like Roschti the red cat that is always putting his nose into our territory, so I thought if it comes to scratches and hisses, he could be a help to us if we treat him right."
"Nera one thing is quite clear and that is when Roschti arrives on the scene we only see your wonderful bushy silky tail disappearing through the cat flap, so I suppose it is a good idea to keep Mr. Grey on our side."

Fluffy and his tail

"Mrs. Human said that I have a nice bushy silky tail as well" piped up Fluffy.
"Fluffy, I have told you before, Selkirk Rex cats should be seen and not heard"
"But Nera, I don't run away from Roschti and I even frightened him away yesterday."
"Fluffy, just because Mrs. Human makes a photo of your tail, it does not mean that you are the best looking around here."

So at this point I had to intervene before one of those snappy hissing cat disagreements broke out. I had to leave my cats for a few minutes and go and visit Nuschi the cat upstairs. I have known Nuschi almost eight years. She was then an older lady and is now 18 years old. My neighbour was on holiday in the french part of Switzerland when a little kitten kept turning up for food. The kitten seemed to be homeless so she took him home with her and Nuschi (her name) has been living with my neighbour since. Nuschi is an indoor cat and when my neighbour goes away for a few days I usually look after her.

As Nuschi is now very old (in human years about 100 years) she is naturally no longer as healthy as she could be. She lost her sight gradually and now has kidney problems so needs special food.


I usually spend a few minutes with her for a stroke and a cuddle. She now sleeps most of the time, but is eating well and seems to be doing fine in spite of her health problems.

I made the most of the week-end and as tomorrow is another day free for Whitsun Monday it means there is no stress this evening. I even received a virtual rose from my son in Belgium. Since we are both connected on face book, we often meet on internet.

The storm has now passed over, and now I should visit my washing machine and fill it with some bits and pieces. Yes, a mother's work is never done, but thanks to modern installations we do get it done a lot quicker these days, and let us not forget, we now have emancipation (and so do the men).

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