Tuesday, 6 May 2008

To Blog or not to Blog

Spring fields

There are just some days where nothing really spectacular happens. You get up got to work, do your job, go shopping and in the evening come home, so what do we blog about. My other half says I am never lost for words, so I suppose I will always find something.

Just take the photo for example. In a quiet 5 minutes at work I noticed how the dandelions were flowering in a nearby field so decided to see what I could do with a field of dandelions. I played around with it a bit in one of the various photo programmes I seem to have collected and there we have the result. I am not exactly the Ansel Adams of the photographic world (he did black and white anyhow), but I do have fun playing with all this stuff.

At the moment I am sitting out on the porch being annoyed by a strange flying insect while I am trying to type this blog. My neighbour next door is spraying his garden and the cats have disappeared into the unknown, probably to return some time around midnight without telling me where they have been.

I have a new playground on the computer. It is called Facebook, although I think I should be 40 years younger to take part on that one. My son has a site there, he too is at the age border, so I thought I would go into it as well. I have already met a few forum colleagues from one of my favourite forum sites Bestsellers & Literature so I feel quite at home there already and my son has now become my friend. I actually always swore I would never become a MySpace fan, but there I am now in Facebook.

Otherwise my other half has planned to get the summer tyres put on our car tomorrow. He actually wanted to go last Friday which was a sort of half holiday where we live. Unfortunately all the other motorists that hadn't yet had their tyres changed came to the same decision as Mr. Swiss, so my husband came home as he did not want to wait for two hours. It is something we have to do in Switzerland as the road conditions are completely different in Winter and Summer. If you drive around with winter tyres on your car in Summer it can be a bit heavy going. If you drive around on the roads with Summer tyres in Winter, you can have a very nasty accident and no insurance company would pay out under those circumstances.

So and now I am off to water the garden as it looks a bit dry after the sunny weather we had today. I had one positive thing that happened to me today. I bought some clothes and they fitted me. It is so depressing when you want to get something new and you just cannot get into the stuff how hard you try. Even jeans in 40 different sizes don't seem to have my size, but today was my day. The lady even told me she would put everything I bought on one side until Thursday as on that day they are giving 30% reduction off all women's clothes and it would be a shame if I bought them today and not be able to save.

It seems that the god of protection for elderly ladies whose figure is going a bit towards the Southern side of things was looking down on me today with kindness and sympathy.

And now to sit outside with a good book for a half hour, before going indoors to watch the East Enders. There are even people that don't like the East Enders programme, dan't understand that really. I had been waiting for at least ten years that I could actually receive the programme on my Swiss tv. And for a closing photo, here is the train that goes past where I work. Our company is built on the side of the main line from Z├╝rich to Geneva.

Bellach-Biel train line

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