Monday 21 January 2008

A Foggy Day (but not in London Town)

When I think back to my childhood in East London, there were many mornings where I had to walk through a sort of yellow wall called smog. If you blew your nose into the handkerchief when you finally arrived at school it was full of black soot. I suppose it was a wonder that we survived (naturally we also started smoking when we were 16 years old - after all in those days it wasn't so dangerous). However, I now lead a more or less healthy life - I can't afford to smoke any more and I moved over to Switzerland forty years ago to look around, met Mr. Swiss and am still here in a nice healthy country I thought.

I do not live in the mountains, do not have goats in the back yard - the nearest cows are around the corner in the Summer, but one thing we have and that is foggy mornings. I live near the River Aar and in Winter it tends to get a bit misty. I drove to work this morning through the mist - I work about 5 minutes drive from where I live in an industrial part and this was the view from the office window.

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The weather forecast on the radio said it would be a misty morning but towards lunch time it would clear up and the sun would come through and it would get warmer. In the morning we had 2° C but by lunch time temperatures of 10°C were promised. We did not get our temperatures of 10°C and they remained low. At lunch time I drive up to the local supermarket which is in a village a bit higher up so expected to see at least the sun shining through. It was having a good try but didn't exactly make it.

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Back in the office in the afternoon I overheard two colleagues talking about the weather and discussing how lovely it was now when the sun was shining. I showed them my photos, and they laughed and one said where she lives they have the most beautiful sunny weather. Where does she live - I think it is the last farm before you start climbing up the Jura mountains which are another 5 minutes drive from where I work. Some people have all the luck. Eventually I drove home - things were not much better.

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But my husband did say that the weather forecast tomorrow was snow - big deal. I do not like snow, especially on the roads, then I prefer the fog. After all I grew up with fog and it didn't do me any harm then.

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