Tuesday 22 January 2008

Full Moon and other things

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This photo doesn't really do it credit. I was driving home from work and suddenly saw what I thought was a big balloon in the sky. As there were no reports of UFO's in the newspaper I realised it must be full moon. At the next best opportunity, which was again in the grounds of the local castle, I stopped the car and took a couple of photos. This was the only one worth showing. The others looked a bit shaky. I had never seen the moon so clearly, but my other half, Mr. Swiss, told me when I got home that it was supposed to be a very clear night, temperatures below zero, and coupled with the rainy day we had today, tomorrow morning will be fun on the roads.

I eventually arrived home to be greeted by 3 cats having a "chase me if you can" game at home, and generally making a lot of noise. I was met by a tabby cat that was doing about 100 mph and overtaking any other cat that might be in her way. Big fat Nera talk a walk past Fluffy, my blind cat and gave him a blow on the nose, which annoyed Fluffy, so he decided to take a leap at Tabby. Eventually they all quietened down. Fluffy took up a sedate pose on the carpet

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In Fluffy's words: "I was just worn out with the mad antics of the two cats that live with me. Nera was showing off again, playing the boss lady and pushing me around. I did my best to ignore her and eventually found that Tabby fancied a chasing game through our home, but he was faster than me. Eventually I just pulled myself out of the action and relaxed in a quiet corner of the carpet. Naturally that stupid human had to get her camera out and take a photo of me."

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But Nera was not at all the same opinion as Fluffy: "I am the most beautiful, powerful and cleverest cat around here. Those curly cats just get in my way sometimes when I want to show everyone how fantastic I look when I walk around. Tabby might be my litter sister, but I arrived first of all and I am sure her dad was not mine. I eventually got tired of playing those childish games with the other two and retired to my favourite place on top of the cupboard. After all my human put a nice cushion for me up there, so I might as well use it and I have such a good view of my home from up here. Stupid Mrs. Human decided to take another photo of me - I wouldn't mind but she could have told me, then I would have had a quick lick first of all. After all you never know who is looking at my studio photos."

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And what did Tabby think of all this: "Well to be quite honest they just all got on my nerves. First of all I wanted to take a walk outside and found that the new stupid smelly cat in the neighbourhood was waiting for me outside, so I turned round and speeded back in through the cat flap as fast as possible. Then stupid Fluffy was waiting for me on the other side and wanted to play a chasing game with me, so I dodged past him and ended up walking into Fat Nera's paws, although she is all show, no real intelligence. After I managed to escape from the noise I found a nice quite place in the bathroom. You know, protected on all sides, floor heating, a nice comfortable carpet, so I decided to get some sleep. Well I did have one eye open just to make sure. Basically I was in cat nirvana, having a dream about fields of catnip with a dish of tuna fish in the middle. Then Mrs. Human decided to take a photo for the family album. So now time for a sleep, I have only slept 12 hours today so have another 8 to do."

So tell me, was it the full moon that influenced my cats, or do they enter into a conspiracy against the human race. At the moment it is peaceful, Nera is still on top of the cupboard and is sleeping (with one eye open of course), Fluffy has retired to the armchair, naturally laying on a red silk cushion, and Tabby - well she is still in the bathroom and as I know her will remain until late in the evening when she will probably go out. - Did I say it - yes at our place it's a cat's life.

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