Wednesday 23 January 2008

I found the Moon at last

After my attempt to take a photo of an enormous moon yesterday, which failed, I more or less forgot about all. Today the day started with a nip in the air, but not so frozen on the roads, so I arrived ok at work. It was a clear day and I was sitting at my desk sort of wondering why am I here, what shall I do next and I think I would like a cup of coffee, when I looked out of the window and there she was, my moon. The office window looks out onto the first chain of the Jura mountains, there being 7 in all and the last ending somewhere on the Swiss borders to France/Germany. I got my camera prepared and opened the window to take my last chance. I had to hurry as temperatures were around 0°C so early in the morning and my colleagues had started to tremble with cold. Here is the result.

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Well, I mean it is not every day you see it like that. Afterwards I went back to work. Actually not a lot to report today, everything took its normal course. I did notice that my younger female colleagues had discovered a new sweet to much in between. I noticed yesterday a plate full of something brown, resembling worms (or something even worse) with sugar crystals on it. The brown substance had disappeared overnight and was replaced by the same in green.

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I am actually diabetic, so reduce such stuff to a minimum. However, I am lucky that I just have to take my 3 tablets a day and can go into the risk of trying something out now and again. By the time the evening came I decided I must find out what it so wonderful on this sugar coated spaghetti similar invention of the sweet producers. I pulled out a "string" but broke only a small piece off and risked it. It was awful, terrible, horrible - I don't think I have ever eaten anything as sour as that was. My colleague found that is the nice thing about it - it is so nice a sour. For me the two words "nice" and "sour" just don't match. I even had a taste left afterwards which told me quite plainly that the substance had been made from boiled up bones (well, that is where gelatine comes from and it was for me just coloured gelatine with a shot of acid for the taste). I only hope that my young female colleagues won't feed their kids on anything like that if they ever decided to have families. Although when I think back on it, I think one of my favourite sweets as a child was sherbert lemons. A sort of sugar lemon thing filled with sherbert. When the sherbert got wet it just evolved into a fizzy mass. I loved them.

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Well, fancy that, the things still exist - found a photo on good old aunty Internet. Now that is definitely more healthy than sour sugar spaghetti.

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