Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Coughing the day away

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Do you ever have those nights when you don’t sleep so well. You have a shoulder that hurts every time you move your arm, most of the night is spent coughing and sneezing and on top of all you have to crawl out of the bed in the morning at 06.00 to make sure you are at work by 07.15. I had to see the specialist at the hospital at 08.00, so I brought my son to work at 07.00, went back home for a shower and then drove off to the hospital. Luckily the roads were ok, although since early in the morning we had heard horror stories about icy roads and one accident after the other, one person being killed. Yes Switzerland might be the fairy tale country of mountains, snow and winter sports but it has the other side where the cold temperatures take over and you just don’t know what to expect when you go out in the morning.

The doc at the hospital asked how do you feel, which is a stupid question really, I mean that’s his job to find out how I feel. I did tell him that I had a cough, a cold and felt like I was on death’s door (well not the bit about death’s door, I mean I felt like it, but didn’t tell him in case he wanted to keep me in). He reassured me that everything was ok, so all I have to do now is to get the bill paid by the insurance - no problem, but the bill will probably be over one thousand francs, and I have to pay 10% myself.

Afterwards I made my way to work, as I got there a bit later my first action was to make a cup of coffee to give me a homely feeling. I then had a nice surprise which put my trust back into the human race. From a company I have to do a lot of work for somewhere in Bavaria, I got a new years present – bottle of wine and DVD with a nice colourful calendar. Well that doesn’t happen every day. Otherwise it was a busy day, but spurred on by the thought that I only have two years, eleven months and two weeks, I got through things as usual.

When I arrived home my three cats all ran to meet me purring loudly. Well not really, but it sounds good. They were all sleeping in three different places. And now for a quiet evening watching tv – a German police thriller and afterwards the daily 30 minutes on the BBC of The Eastenders which is quite full of suspense at the moment. Shirley found out that Vinnie has a daughter and that the car he had actually belonged to someone else. Since Tanya found out that Max had had an affair with his teenage daughter in law, she threw him out. Good luck to her, but a couple of weeks before Max delivered him and Tanya’s third child in the living room as the ambulance didn’t arrive on time. These things never seem to happen in real life.

So I am now off for an evenings tv and probably will cough my way through another night.

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