Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Reservoir Cats 31

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Long Tail Al: Oh yea, Tabby, you are descended from the best.
Tabby: But what about Big Tom, I though he was your half brother.
Long Tail Al: So ‘e is son, but you know ‘ow the lady cats are, they can never say no, can they.
Tabby: Dad, do you think I can go back to the country again. I mean it was nice staying here in the town, but I am missing the wide open spaces a bit.
Slimy: and wot about me?
Long Tail Al: And wot about you Slimy, ‘ave I missed somefing.
Slimy: Well Tabby said ‘e would take me wiv ‘im for a while.
Long Tail Al: Wot you cats are up to. Well I suppose I don’t mind. I ‘ave the Black Paw gang to take care of fings and it might do you a bit of good Slimy, get some fresh air into your fur.
Tabby: Slimy has been a good guide around the town for me, especially the sewers, so I thought I would show him around the country.
Long Tail Al: No problem, but I ‘ope ‘e comes back again. Slimy is like a son to me – even if ‘e does smell a bit now and again.
Slimy: I don’t smell, I just ‘ave a different scent to the rest. So Tabby, shall we go.
Tabby: Yes, we make ourselves on the way.
Charlie: ‘allo you two where you off to, back to the country?
Tabby: Well I think it’s time.
Charlie: Do you mind if I come wiv you, just for a few days.
Slimy: You just want to meet Nera again.
Charlie: Well, I suppose so, if she’s willing. Can’t you put a few good words in for me Tabby.
Tabby: Nera makes up her own mind, but if it’s just for a couple of days, then come along as well.
Charlie: Great
Long Tail Al: But be’ave Charlie. I don’t want to ‘ere any bad stories about ya afterwards.

Tabby: Come on Charlie, me and Slimy are nearly there and you are dragging behind.
Charlie: Well, I ‘ad to ‘ave a good lick didn’t I before we went. After all can’t go courting such a lady like Nera wiv the smell of the rooftops in my fur.
Slimy: Listen to ‘im, you would fink Nera is waiting for ‘im wouldn’t ya.
Romeo: Che vieni, who’s coming. This is Big Tom’s territory. Why ciaou Tabby, nice to see you again.
Tabby: I though I would come back to the country, I do miss it a bit. And I brought a couple of cats with me.
Romeo: So I can see, Hisssss, hissss.
Charlie: Well that’s a welcome ain’t it.
Romeo: It’s the welcome I always give out to strange cats, especially when they don’t show their manners to the ladies.
Tabby: Oh, Romeo, give him a chance. He has been very nice to me in the town and would just like to pay his respects to Nera.
Romeo: I don’t know whether Nera wants his respects, you know she is fussy, and we have a new cat in town.
Slimy: No problem, in town we always ‘ave new cats.
Romeo: Don’t tell me you brought that smelly cat as well.
Tabby: Slimy was my best friend in town and helped me a lot to find the way. My dad said all he needs is a bit of fresh country air in his fur and he won’t smell any more.
Big Tom: What’s going on Romeo. Why Tabby is back and has brought two town cats with him.
Charlie: Hello Big Tom, nice to see you again. How’s Miss Nera.
Big Tom: Miss Nera is keeping fine, Charlie, although I don’t see her so much these days. Since Ginger arrived, she goes out a lot more.
Slimy: Oh, Charlie, looks like you ‘ave a rival.
Tabby: Who’s Ginger. I don’t remember a Ginger living around here.
Big Tom: Ginger belongs to some new humans that now live around here. He seems to be quite a little King where he lives and is all over the place.
Tabby: So I think I will go back to my cat nip patch and see how things are developing.
Slimy: Did you say cat nip patch?
Tabby: Stay cool, there is no cat nip any more, but if you dig around in the ground enough you sometimes get the scent of it wafting up in your nose.
Charlie: I will come wiv ya. Might meet Nera on the way.

Nera: Hello Ginger nice to meet you today.
Ginger: You smell nice today Nera, fresh and wonderfully fishy.
Nera: Yes, I had an extra portion of salmon yesterday.
Ginger: My humans give me salmon as well, at least four times a week.
Tabby: Hi Nera, how are things going.
Nera: Tabby, nice to see you again. I thought you were still in town.
Tabby: Well I got a little bit homesick so my dad said that was ok to go back, and I brought Slimy and Charlie with me.
Slimy: ‘Allo Miss Nera. You are looking lovely.
Nera: Hello Slimy, nice to see you again. If I may say so, it seems that you don’t have such a sewer smell about you any more.
Charlie: And wot about me Miss Nera. I did meself up super good before I come. So ‘ow about it.
Ginger: Nera you have strange colleagues. Hissssss, who is that big tom cat with the Cat Pitt fur style.
Charlie: Excuse me, but I ‘appen to be Charlie from town and who are you? A Garfield lookalike? You are fat enuf any’ow. Hisssss
Nera: So boys stop fighting and hissing. Ginger, Charlie is an acquaintance of mine from town.
Ginger: Well sorry Nera, but town cats are beneath my status. We use them as servants from where I come from.
Slimy: Hey Charlie, I wouldn’t stand for that if I was you.
Charlie: Come’ere you stuck up bowl of orange juice.
Tabby: Oh dear, I think there is going to be a fight.
Ginger: It’s not worth it, I might break off the points on my claws.
Charlie: Oh dear, listen to ‘im “I might break of the points on my claws” What part of the royal family is he from – the cat’s whiskers.
Nera: So just calm down you two. Ginger is new here and I have been showing him around.
Charlie: That is obvious to see, what have you been showing him I would like to know.
Nera: Charlie, you don’t own me, and if you want to stay with us in the country for a few days, then I must ask you to behave.
Ginger: I have to go home now, it’s tea time, but I will be back some time in the night.
Charlie: Is that a threat or a promise?
Tabby: What is that supposed to mean Charlie. I hope you are not planning on causing trouble.
Charlie: We will see, now where’s the nearest roof top, I feel like ‘aving a cat nap, looks like I might ‘ave a busy evening.

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