Monday, 7 January 2008

The Cat Next Door

Fluffy looks at the new cat in the neighbourhood with suspicion

There seemed to be a bit of trouble at home today. We have a new cat in the neighbourhood, a bit younger than ours, and has not yet realised that ours were there first. This new cat likes to walk around during the day inspecting the territories of other cats. She or he is a very friendly cat. She does not run away at all when a human is around but comes for a stroke and a pat on the head, and we humans are stupid enough to oblige.

Did I mention it, my cats and the neighbour’s cat do not like this new cat. My big black long haired furry monster Nera, who is the boss amongst my cat clan, does not attack but sits on her perch and just observes, which is not really a great help. The other two, Tabby and Fluffy have different reactions. Fluffy, who is blind, just doesn’t like this new cat and attacks, making so much noise, that the neighbour’s cat hears it and also joins in and chases the new cat away.

Tabby is a problem. Since this new cat has been around she has got a bit careful, That means if the new cat is near, Tabby will just run away as fast as possible. That was today’s problem. Mr. Swiss was relaxing at home and suddenly heard such a loud noise coming from the kitchen, he thought there had been an accident involving something smashing on the floor and perhaps our cats. Well Tabby was involved, who ran passed Mr. Swiss at about two hundred kilometres per hour from the kitchen towards one of the back rooms. It seems the new cat in town got too near to Tabby, Tabby got frightened, ran away at full pelt, but the door to the cat flap just didn’t open fast enough so Tabby demolished the cat flap on her way in leaving a square hole in the window. By the time Mr. Swiss got to the kitchen everything had already happed, but the next problem was already there. Where was Fluffy our blind cat. Fluffy had naturally no problem, he just made the most of the open space in the window and went for a walk. Since he has been blind we only let him out if he is somehow secured by a dog line on a pole, but never alone. Then my husband saw him casually walking back into the garden from the side path as if to say, someone got problems somewhere.

Rules for the new cat
1. He will not be patted on the head
2. He will not be filmed
3. He will not be photographed
4. He will be pushed away
5. He will be ignored
6. If he doesn’t obey, a bowl of water will be thrown over him.

The cat flap has been repaired as it was probably made with this sort of problem in mind. It was just a matter of fitting the screws back into the window.

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