Sunday, 6 January 2008

3 Kings Day - 6th January

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So now Christmas is really behind us. 6th January is the day when the Christmas decorations are removed and put back into the cellar or wherever they remain for the next 11 months. It is also a day in some countries in Europe where the visit of the 3 Kings from the Orient is celebrated in the shape of a cake as above. It is something like a sweetish sort of bread and made in segments for a purpose. In one of the segments a plastic king is hidden (I think the original many years ago was a bean). The person who gets the part with the king can then take the crown and tell everyone what to do the rest of the day. I always buy one as it is a custom. In earlier days it kept the kids happy wondering if they could push me and Mr. Swiss around, although if they had bad luck me or Mr. Swiss would get the King. This year as the 6th was on Sunday I had to buy the cake on Saturday. There was a special offer going and as you came into the shop and it was seen that you had one in the basket, you were offered a free piece from one of the shop assistants. Now if this free piece happened to have a King in it you got another 3 Kings cake free of charge. I didn't get all this as I was actually busy trying to buy stuff to feed the family for the week-end. Mr. Swiss, however, saw all this going on and as he was pushing the trolly (I mean he has to be occupied with something) he was offered a piece of Kings cake. Now guess who had a plastic King in the piece of cake. So Mr Swiss got another 3 Kings cake free of charge. We ate one yesterday (Mr. Swiss got the plastic king again) and we had the other one today and guess who got the 3rd plastic King again. Yes well sometimes there is more luck than judgement isn't there.

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A small tree, but our cats are not to be trusted with anything bigger, otherwise they would probably demolish a tall green tree within a few minutes, or it might come crashing to the ground in the middle of the night. As the family gets older, the presents get smaller, and those few envelopes that are distributed have enough room around this tree - although there were a few other parcels.

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We also have something called a Christmas wreath. The four candles represent the four Sundays of Advent, and on the four Sundays before Christmas one candle more is lighted, so the Sunday before Christmas all four are burning. Actually the idea is real fir tree twigs and red candles, but I always was a bit different to the rest. We have plastic twigs and the real ones tend to catch on fire. We often hear the fire engines on their way in Winter putting out a blaze in a house caused by such a wreath. Also I found that blue is a nice colour.

My son also departed today on his way back to Belgium where he works. He was out and about while he was here, meeting his friends, practicing his pool billiard talents and going to parties, although now and again he did eat at home. At the moment when I write he is probably sitting in the plane winging his way back. Just had a telephone call, he is still sitting at the airport as the flight has been delayed.

Oh yes, and before I forget, Mr. X noticed on his way down to the garage today, that the curious sock incident was sort of solved. Some time between 10 yesterday evening and 10 this morning, someone had removed the socks, although I didn't see anyone walking around with two feet in different sizes. Mr. X also pumped up the tyre of the car that was losing air, and it seems to hold, although a visit to the tyre merchants will be made tomorrow. It doesn't seem to be too serious, probably someone drove over a nail in the road. Here is a last glance at our Christmas table.

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