Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Great Sock Mystery

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Doesn't that look idyllic, a nice path with two cats taking a walk. This morning when Mrs. X wanted to get the letters out of the postbox, just by the entrance to her appartement block, she was surprised to see something laying on the path. It had started raining, so whatever it was must be getting wet. Not wanting to have something laying around, which might even belong to her, and not wanting to be the talk of the neighbours who might not have anything better to do, she decided to investigate what it was.

They were huddled together in a damp patch - 3 socks, in dark colours. Now Mrs. X started thinking. She has 3 men at home (usually 2, but there were 3 at the moment as it was still holiday time and one had returned for 2 weeks holiday). The next thought was that all of her men wear dark socks, gone are the days when white socks were fashion, today it is either black or grey. It had been wash day this week and she remembered carrying a basket full of clean socks from the washing machine in the cellar up the stairs. Could it have been that perhaps 3 socks had fallen out of the basket and a particular neighbour, who sometimes has strange ideas, may have wanted to show that we do not leave socks on the stairs and had thrown them out on the path to teach Mrs. X a lesson. This is naturally an exception, all other neighbours generally hang over the bannisters anything found on the stairs to ensure it returns to their rightful owner. Mrs. X decided to collect the socks for further examination.

She asked her men one by one, if they were missing such socks at the present time. She had 3 negative answers. One was too small by far, which was obvious, and the other two just didn't fit into the pattern and no-one was missing anything at the moment. Breathing a sigh of relief, she decided to do the correct neighbourly thing and hang them over the staircase outside hoping that the rightful owner might claim them.

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Of course, it could be that they did not belong to anyone in the house. Mrs. X was wondering if this was the case, who they could belong to. As the washing areas are all in the cellar, everyone having their own washing machine with room to go with it, they could of course belong to anyone. It was just strange to think that someone took the trouble of putting them in the middle of the path. Was this perhaps an omen that we have a sock stealer in the neighbourhood. I mean there are people who have fun stealing female underwear, it has even been known that washing rooms have been broken into for that purpose, but male socks - now that is strange. Perhaps it was a boy scout thing, a sort of orienteering hike, where the scounts had to find the other scout with the second sock, and prizes were awarded. However, this was ten o'clock in the morning.

During the day Mrs. X had other things to bother her. The car had a tyre that was loosing air. This was discovered when Mr. X realised at the car park, that the car was laying a bit one sided. As it was Saturday lunch time, not a lot could be done. However, it seems that the air is disappearing slowly, so with a bit of pumping up once a day it should be ok by Monday when it will go to the tyre doctor to be repaired.

It is now evening, dark outside. Mrs. X wondered if the socks were still there and decided to investigate. Yes they were still hanging there. Someone somewhere has 3 socks without the other sock, and probably also two feet with different sizes, as all socks seemed to be different sizes. She then thought if a neighbour, who had strange ways, had really put them on the path to cause havoc, then the neighbour must have done it in the late evening, or even at midnight, when no-one was around to notice. Mrs. X decided it would not be her thing to walk down that path when it was dark. We will perhaps never know. Mr. X told Mrs. X if they are still there tomorrow, dispose of them.

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