Friday, 4 January 2008

Back to work

Since 3rd January I have been back at work after almost two weeks holiday. Was I looking forward to getting back to the old routine - no, not really, absolutely not, I did not want to go back to work. Although we were suffering a bit from overcrowding at home due to the fact that No. 2 son was at home, I still enjoyed the days at home. Although No. 2 son was more saying goodbye and hello when he was at home, catching up on his friends and his billiard talents in the local hall. He is here until Sunday. Mr. Swiss is retired, No. 1 son also had a holiday, so it was Mrs. Anglo Swiss that was off to work. One advantage was that No. 1 son still had his holiday so I did not have to play chauffeur in the morning and I did stay a bit longer in the feathers.

I eventually arrived at work, tired but no so happy. There were still a few people who had taken the remainder of the week off, but we were enough to carry on the good work. Unfortunately if you work in export there are some countries that do not recognise Christmas and even have their new year a couple of weeks later, meaning that whilst we were celebrating, eating drinking and making the most of things, those countries were hard at work and couldn't wait for the machinery to start churning in our company and deliver some goods. I was actually hoping that there had perhaps been a flood in the company, an electric breakdown, or perhaps an enormous virus had attacked the computer laying it lame for the next month. No such luck, everything was up and running perfectly. I was running more or less perfectly and so was our coffee machine, thank goodness.

I was not sorry when the lunch break arrived as I was off to the local supermarket hunting for some food. Luckily the weather remained more or less under control, no snow, although it was cold and let's face it you don't get a view like this from every car park belonging to a shopping centre.

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After filling the car boot with some trophies I made my way back to work. This afternoon, Friday, was a nice feeling knowing that at the end of the afternoon I had my freedom once again for the next two days. Things were fairly quiet at work and we managed to get everything done. Towards evening when I looked out of the window I noticed that nature was again playing one of its tricks on us and organised a nice sunset. Having my camera with me I naturally chose to take advantage of the situation, not heeding the remarks from my boss about I should have been a papparazzi photographer. My colleague opened the window and here is one of the results, although he said I should hurry up as it was getting cold.

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As can be seen, we are situated in an industrial area and the railway lines from Z├╝rich to Geneva pass by. The Swiss like to keep all the industry together, it doesn't spoil the perfect Swiss picture that way.

And that was more or less the start to "normal" life. We had one little bit of excitement this evening when someone (not me) managed to empty a full mug of coffee over the table in the living room - but the situation was soon brought under control with a few Swiss German words that I will not repeat and a roll of kitchen paper.

And now back to something normal (this evening's tv programme - again an episode of my favourite soap, the East Enders - thank goodness for cable tv, or satellite or whatever, we get 3 BBC programmes).

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