Saturday, 5 December 2015

Daily Prompt: This is Your Life

If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover. 

It seems a guy called Tom suggested this and we all wrote about it on 11th January 2013, at least I did. Some may still have not joined our happy blogging group at that time, here is a reminder This is your Life, first blog. Yes, as you can see the subject of this blog killed himself at the end, so the was not such a happy blogger.

In the meanwhile a lot of memories have flown beneath the bridge, and those of us that are still lucky to be able to write about this the second time will realise that Tom, the inventor of this blog subject,  is no longer here - did he perhaps read the last page of his book?

For a happier twist in the story, who needs books today? We are electronic, we just press a button and the whole world knows about you and you know about everyone else.


This is my mobile phone. Most of us have one whether we like it or not. Since two weeks it is my only phone, the book of my life, and i read it from cover to cover daily. There is a background story why this is now my only phone. In Switzerland it was law that if you have a mobile phone you must also have a phone on the Swiss landline and so we Swiss citizens had two telephone numbers. The Swiss telecom at last woke up and discovered we were now mobile so it came to pass that a mobile phone was OK on its own. Mr. Swiss and I still had our mobiles and the landline and discovered we were paying too much. After a quick financial revision of the situation we cancelled our laandline and now only have our mobiles. No. 2 son never actually had a landline and had been living on mobile for many years. Each time he pays a visit he has a new mobile phone from a different maker. His iPhone is a thing of the past. I like my iPhone, I am an Apple person and all things that grow on the Apple tree are ok.

So where was I? Yes, I now only have my mobile but certain steps had to be taken. Are my telephone numbers correct? I have now spent two happy evenings bringing everything up to date, and borrowing Mr. Swiss mobile to make sure I have them all. He also has it all, but he is not so creative. I now have all my telephone numbers with photos of the person they belong to, as far as I could find photos. otherwise I go on a photo safari and take the necessary photo Oh I love playing with my mobile and took photos from Internet  and my online photo album of all the people I am connected to. I also found that if it was a company I can include their www and e-mail and today I discovered I had forgotten to note the birthdays of my telephone contacts, so I am still bringing it up to date. Mr. Swiss took a glance at the telephone directory on my iPhone. Did I see a small jealous glimmer in his eyes. I even inserted a photo of my electric lawn mower, Mowey the robot, on the contact telephone no., address, web site and e-mail details of the company where we bought it. It looks so pretty.Who needs a book when you have it all on the telephone? The icing on the cake is that everything I insert into my iPhone automatically arrives on my iPad. What could be better?

There is just one small problem, no-one calls me. I am set up and ready to go and waiting for my first call to see if my illustrated detailed telephone is a success. I even found a photo of my gardener on his web site in Internet and if he would call I would see immediately who it is.

I mean if they had not persevered with the development of radiation then ….. forget it. I am only playing with my iPhone.


  1. I have both landline and mobile. I keep the landline mainly for keeping in touch with my mom. When we speak on the phone it can last quite some time, and it is cheaper on the landline, in fact as long as I call after 7pm on a weekday or anytime at the weekend, the call is free up to one hour. Also, I only have pay-as-you-go on my mobile, rather than a contract.

    1. I have a special arrangement with my mobile, the same as Mr. Swiss. We pay the same amount per month and the rest is free, except for my calls to dad in England. Up to now I used the landline for that, which suited me, because Mr. Swiss paid the bill for that. Now I have to pay my own way. We had quite a high bill for the landline.