Thursday 3 December 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Wanderer

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.


“I visit my top five places daily. The Recycling tray, my food bowl, my water supply, the bathroom for a nice comfortable sleep on the carpet and of course my favourite cushion on top of the wardrobe. I am just going for a breath of fresh air Mrs. Human.”

“OK, when will you return.”

“I beg your pardon. How should I know, there are things to see and work to be done. I will return when I feel like it.”

“I was just wondering about when I should prepare your evening meal.”

“What’s being served?”

“It is Thursday, so it will be a wonderful vitamins enriched bowl of pellets, chicken style.”

“Oh, not exactly something to rush back for. Couldn’t you apply some imagination and perhaps garnish it with some calf liver.”

“But Tabby, that is very expensive.”

“Mrs. Human what is money when my state of health is more important. Those vitamin pellets do not agree with my digestive system. Yesterday I had to manufacture a hairball and that is not an easy job.”

“I am sure that hairballs do not have a connection with vitamins pellets. I saw you eating grass outside and that is the reason for your hairball.”

“How do you know you have never had a hairball.”

“Humans don’t get hairballs, only felines.”

“Exactly, so a human can never know what we felines endure in the production of a hairball. First of all we choke a little, then we choke more and eventually we really have to ……”

“Tabby, I am not interesting in the biological process of producing a hairball. You always seem to be relieved when it eventually appears.”

“Of course. You should see the ginger tom’s  hairballs, they are ginger and have ……”

“Enough Tabby go for a walk and return in a hour, when I will have something ready for you to eat.”

“Vitamine pellets?”

“Garnished with catnip?”

“OK, at least I will sleep well.Think I will partake of some grass as a first course.”

“Tabby, no hairballs.”

“I am thinking about it.”