Saturday, 7 November 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Truth Serum

You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?


“Drink it Mrs. Human.”

“I am not thirsty.”

“Drink it, it is all part of the fun.”

“What fun?”

“It’s a truth serum so drink it and then I can find out the truth.”

“It is a bottle of cola and the truth is that I do not fancy drinking cola at the moment.”

“But I have to have your consent before I can ask a question.”

“What did you always want to know Tabby?”

“Why is my dish always fun of vitamin pellets
Why don’t I have tuna fish every day
Why can’t I have my own computer
Why don’t I have a diamond studied cat flap
And why are there no paw friendly tin openers.”

“Just a minute Tabby, there  are too many questions. Just accept what you have. The dish is full of  vitamin pellets because they are healthy.“

“Did I ask to be healthy? They have no taste.”

“But they are the fish variety.”

“Fish that has never seen water probably. They have a distinct chemical taste. I am sure I am being slowly poisoned.”

“If I fed you tuna fish every day, it would become boring.”

“Mrs. Human, no feline is bored with a daily serving of tuna fish. On the other paw, feeding dry vitamin pellets are very boring and are slowly poisoning me.”

“To continue Tabby, and forget the poison, they are healthy.”

“Says you. I knew the trick with the Cola wouldn’t work. Cola has being lying to us all.”

“That is why I did not drink any. To continue, no computer, you have a pawpad, that does the job very nicely. You can play those nice games catching the mouse.”

“But I want to play feline roulette. Butch told me you can win catnip twigs.”

“Then ask Butch if he will let you play with his computer.”

“I am not talking to Butch.”


“He chased me through the cat flap. If I had a diamond studied cat flap that would not happen. He would have more respect from me. And what about the paw friendly tin opener?”

“Not yet invented Tabby, and even if I had drank the truth cola serum, you would still not have a paw friendly tin opener.”

“Forget it Mr. Human, WordPress lied to me again. They said if you drank the serum I would get it all.”


  1. If wishes were horses..........or should that be cats? LOL.

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