Thursday, 1 October 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Immortalized Felines

Your personal sculptor is carving a person, thing or event from the last year of your life. What’s the statue of and what makes it so significant?

A rare photo - Fluffy and Nera together

Crash, bang!

“What was that?”

“Hello Tabby, it’s me Fluffy on a visit from the eternal corn chambers and look Nera is with me.”

“What was all the noise?”

“Sorry Tabby, but Fluffy has not yet got the hang of floating down from the Kingdom of Bastet.”

“Yes Tabby I am still learning the ropes, but Nera says I am a beginner.”

“Fluffy, you have now got your 10th life, but you have to handle it with care. You do not just take a run and jump off the cloud, you take a few careful steps, use your whiskers and float gently downwards. Otherwise everyone will know that you have arrived.”

“I thought that was the idea Nera that everyone knows I am back for a visit.”

“Not that way Fluffy. Look how shocked Tabby is.”

“Exactly, I was just taking one of my famous 8 hour cat naps. So how are things going in the corn chambers Fluffy.”

“Not too bad, I caught 10 mice last week, look I brought you one.”

“But that is only the head, where’s the rest?”

“I ate it of course.”

“Tabby he is still learning.”

“But you said they will reincarnate after a few hours.”

“They do Fluffy, but we keep the remains in the corn chambers. The 9 life felines do not appreciate just a head, they want the whole thing and they only reincarnate where we are.”

“Looks like a hard job training Fluffy Nera.”

“It is, but he will get there eventually.”

“By the way where is my stone ornament?”

“What stone ornament Fluffy?”

“I thought we all had one when we transferred to the Eternal Corn Chambers.”

“No Fluffy, you got that wrong, that’s only for the humans. We felines remain in the third dimension, that is why we can float down now and again. And remember I said “float” not a running jump. Just twiddle your whiskers and spread out your paws.”

“Nera, remember, I only have one whisker, they were always falling off.”

“Not up in the eternal corn chambers, they are growing again.”

“Oh yes, they are, look at that. I have whiskers.”

“Yes Fluffy, so wave your paws to Tabby. We have to return. I can hear Mrs. Human coming.”

“Yes Nera and Fluffy, she is here. Oh, she has fainted.”

“I know Tabby, she always does when she sees me and now Fluffy. Something to do with ghosts and spirits I think. Keep safe, we will be back.”

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