Monday 14 September 2015

Topic Generator: Mushy Click

Cows, Feldbrunnen

It was a good day for a walk. A fresh breeze was blowing, although that was an understatement, it was a light wind, no a middle light wind. In any case after sitting at the computer for an hour it was time to go out, breathe the fresh air and be ready for anything and everything. Mr. Swiss found that a walk would do us both good, although he had to wait as I still wanted to upload one of my prize suspicious writing efforts. In the meanwhile he also found something to occupy his time, but eventually we were dressed in the walking uniform, blue jeans, t-shirts and of course the walking shoes.

When we left home the sun was still shining so I made my first click to capture three cows in a field basking in the sun enjoying the cow life. I must admit that the background scenery was then beginning to take a dark shade, but we walked on undaunted. We took a left turn and passed by the stables, so I continued to click on the camera.

Horse, Feldbrunnen

This wonderful horse was a new arrival at the stables and had taken over the rooms once occupied by Guiness, a wonderful stately Shire horse. Guinness had now joined the happy horse hunting grounds at the age of 26 years and this horse was a worthy follower. Here is Guiness. She was a wonderful horse.

Shire Horse Guiness

We marched on, the black clouds were gathering on the horizon, but we soon reached the cemetery, which suited the atmosphere. Black large storm clouds, a few crows hovering around and a murky stream ran through it all. We took a pause on a bench and a small drop of rain fell. 

The weather now reminded me of one of my favourite films by Antonioni  “Blow Up” from 1966 starring Vanessa Redgrave and David Hemmings. It began where David Hemmings, a photographer, was taking photos of a couple somewhere in a park in London. The wind was blowing and the sound of the rushing wind in the trees could be compared to what we heard today, but Mr. Swiss is not David Hemmings and I am definitely not a Vanessa Redgrave lookalike (unfortunately). In the film David Hemmings caught a gun in his camera lens and the there was soon a corpse of the the man laying in the grass in the park. The story developed in the film and it  was a super reflection of life in swinging London of the sixties. Anyhow we continued on our walk, the rain fell heavier and the undergrowth in the maize field was probably quite mushy, click, click, click made my camera and here is one of thise “Blow Up” photos by Angloswiss Antonioni (I wish)

Maize field, Feldbrunnen

We made our way home and arrived tired, but happy, and wet from the beginning monsoon. I would add we found no dead bodies in the maize field, although perhaps there might have bee one if I had explored further.

Just wondering, does anyone else remember that film?

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