Thursday 10 September 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Worlds Colliding

Take two main characters from two different books (either fiction or nonfiction) and introduce them to, or have them meet, each other. What would happen next?


“Tabby, do you read books?”

“I sometimes chew them.”

“So do I, but this time we should read them.”

“Let’s ask Nera, she was good at that sort of thing.”

“But she is busy in the Eternal Corn Chambers rounding up the mice.”

“No problem Fluffy, she gave me a hot line number if we need to know something.”

“Did someone call me?”

“Hello Nera, yes I did.”

“OK, Tabby, What’s the problem. I hope it is important. I was just reviving two mice for Bastet’s evening meal.”

“You revive them.”

“Oh yes, we only do recycling in the Kingdom of Bastet. All the members do not have any lives left after they get the 10th life, so we revive them.”

“Nera do you read books?”

“Fluffy, I only chew them or tear them. Now and again we help Bastet to write her book, but that is an eternal task. We are now on page 5467 and it is still not complete. Why do you ask?”

“We should take two characters from two different books and let them meet each other.”

“That is not very easy felines. What happens if you introduce two felines?”

“They fight, or make kittens and then they fight afterwards.”

“Then you do not need my wise words as it seems you already know the answers. And now I will return to the corn chambers, I just received a WMS (Whisker Message Service) that the two revived mice have been eaten by Bastet and I will have to replace them again.”

“She ate them, they are dead?”

“Of course not, they are now in the 10th dimension and will return tomorrow to the Eternal Corn Chambers - simple matter of feline mouse re-incarnation. Have fun felines, and do not bother about reading books. They are only full of words, just play with them.”

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