Thursday 10 September 2015

Topic Generator: Frightened Aside


“There’s a wasp in my salad.”

“Then remove it.”

“Ooh, it is hiding under a leaf.”

“Don’t be so fussy.”

“Huh, and what if I had eaten it.”

“It’s only a wasp, remove it.”

“Are you out of your mind. It might sting me. I remember once when I had a beer in an outside restaurant and I had a wasp in my mouth that had submerged itself in the beer. It stung me. I had to go straight to the drug store opposite. 

“I remember, he gave you some stuff to apply and everything was fine after the big fuss you made.”

“It was not a big fuss. I could have died.”

“It would take more than a wasp sting to kill you, I am sure.”

 “Look I have now shaken the wasp out of the salad. Be careful it is very unsteady.”

“I can see it, poor little thing. It can hardly walk.”

“I suppose it is still coated in salad sauce.”

“I put a dish of grapes aside for the wasps, but they have eaten almost everything. I will have to put some fresh grapes in the dish.”

“So now you are feeding the wasps.”

“Of course, when they are busy eating the grapes, they will not be taking a walk in your bowl of salad. And how can you be afraid of a little wasp, he is probably more afraid of you, poking around in the salad. I am sure he is frightened.”

“Sorry, but I am really not having sympathies for a wasp.”

“I noticed.”

“Why not serve a fruit salad. I am sure it must be boring just having grapes as a side dish. And pour a little gin on them, the wasps can have a real party.”

“Are you trying to be funny. It is not funny for a wasp to end its life drowing in gin in a bowl of fruit.”

“At least he will have a happy end.”


  1. The wasp in the photo appears to be having a grape time!!! :-))

    1. I have a feeling the grapes begin to ferment with time and they almost stagger away from them afterwards.