Saturday, 15 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Breakdown

What habits should felines break?

Tabby paw prints in the bathroom

“TABBY come here”

“Mrs. Human, you do not have to shout so loud. We felines have sensitive ears. We can hear a whisker drop.”

“Yes Tabby, I am sure, perhaps you can tell me if you heard the hair of your fur drop when you took a walk in the bath after first of all walking through the fields outside.”

“Now you know Mrs. Human, I don’t think I did. Did I leave a fur hair after leaping into the bath?”

“Yes you did Tabby, it is stuck to the mud from the paw print.”

“Perhaps it was Fluffy-“

“No, Tabby. Fluffy is blind and cannot find the way from outside to inside. Remember, he is tied to a pole in the garden, otherwise he might wander away.”

“Of course, Mrs. Human, then it was probably me. I was having one of my moments of feline breakdown. As the great feline philosopher Bertrand Russell Paw said “One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the forgetfulness of leaving paw marks in the bath”, so you should not shout Mrs. Human, otherwise you also might have a nervous breakdown.”

“True Tabby, I almost had a breakdown when I had to clean the bath of your muddy paw marks.”

“But you did it, you see Mrs. Human, everything is possible, so no reason for a hissy fit or being a drama queen. Anyhow that was this morning and as you know we felines are known for our short memories. Is that all Mrs. Human? I have to catch up on my sleep. You disturbed me with your loud voice.”

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