Monday, 20 July 2015

Feline Daily Prompt: Feline Disguise

Tell us about a time when someone had you completely fooled, where the wool was pulled right over your eyes and you got hoodwinked, but good. Was it a humorous experience or one you’d rather forget? What was the outcome?

Sphynx cat

“Do you think that feline found the zip to her fur coat in this hot weather Tabby?”

“No, she is always like that.”

“But in Winter she must freeze.”

“I don’t think so, they have a sort of built in central heating in their bodies and they have a bath every week.”

“You mean like Mrs. Human in water with soap and shampoo.”

“That’s what that sphinx feline told me. She said her human does it to make sure she doesn’t smell.”

“But Tabby, I thought we felines have to smell, like marking our territory.”

“Fluffy, there is a difference between smelling and stinking, you know what I mean.”

“Aha, I see. By the way I havn’t seen that naked cat for some time, do you think she is still alive.”

“I heard that her human moved away.”

“That’s a shame, Mrs. Human won’t have a model for her photos.”

“She has us Fluffy. When I have one of my tiger lookalike days, she always takes a photo.”

“Tabby you always look like a tiger, at least you try to look like a tiger. I havn’t noticed that it has an effect on the other felines in the neighbourhood.”

“I know Fluffy, but as the great feline Bastet assistant Cat Graham said “A cat should never disguise the fact that she/he is a feline. A feline’s body is very special.”


  1. Such a shame Sphinx cat has moved away, I loved to see photos of him.

  2. As much as I love animals the Sphinx cat is not pretty or cuddly to my mind. This one is too fat too. Give me tiger and fluffy every day! lol