Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Daily Prompt: Always something there to remind me

A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes.

Oh yes there are many songs that remind me, but only me reminding me of personal things. They will not remind you of anything because they are my “remind me” songs and so I will not be plastering videos on my pages of “remind me” songs from You Tube. You will have no idea of my thoughts on these songs because they are my songs and not yours.

Let’s have a photo from my journey to Germany, this reminds me of a lot that happened in the past week. It is a view from the bridge of Traben Trarback along the Mosel. You can see the funfair on the left bank.

A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

It is another hot day today, a few clouds in the sky so perhaps we might have one of those wonderful thunderstorms this evening. As I sit here in the shade of the porch the sweat is pouring from my brow. The song “Cool clear water” comes to my mind by Frankie Lane. Not one of my favourites but here are the lyrics, somewhat changed by me. As usual our weather forecasters have got it all wrong.

All day I face 
the barren waste 
without  the taste of water,
“Give me a bottle of mineral water”
Mr. Swiss and I with throats burned dry 
and souls that cry for water, 
cool, clear, mineral water from a Swiss spring of course.

The nights are cool and I'm a fool 
each weather forecaster  promises thunder with lots of rain and water,
torrents of stormy water
And with the dawn it still not here
and I take a shower in the bathroom
cool, clear, water

The weather man  sways and seems to say,
tonight there might be water
And way up there, I don’t know where
There won’t be any water
cool, clear, water

Keep a-movin' Mr. Swiss, 
don't you listen to him he just sighs 
He's a weather forecaster telling lies
and he thinks there might be water, 
Mr. Swiss can you see the big, green trees
where the weather forecaster 
thinks he sees
water, cool, clear, water

or something like that. Well you wanted a song, so you got one. This morning I cleaned the bathroom and afterwards sat outside on the porch to cool down with a glass of mineral water. And the weather forecaster - I don’t even listen any more, he just makes up stories. So here is a video just to show that there is a song behind the words, although they might not fit so well. In this heat you can be glad that I am even attempting to write something. It is the original version from Frankie Lane recorded in 1955.


  1. I'm the same....I have lots of songs that remind me of particular times or events or people in my life, but they wouldn't necessarily mean the same to anyone else.

    1. that's why I did something a little different. Other people's music is just not mine.