Sunday, 26 July 2015

Daily Prompt: You're a Winner

You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

No, please not again. I am always winning on these daily prompts, but never get anything out of it. Where are my billion dollars, where is the tax free winnings and I have everything I need, almost anyhow. In Switzerland we have Swiss Francs, which are quite strong at the moment, meaning that the dollar is weak, so I am cheated from the beginning and do not get enough out of my billion dollars. On top of this, tax free is not really a phrase used very often in Switzerland. Our country seems to thrive and live from tax and you do not get anything free. If I die and my family inherit my vast wealth, they will have to pay tax on it. For this reason I avoid being wealthy and spend my money as it arrives. I cannot take it with me, and so I use it. I am sure my family will be forever grateful.

How would I spend the money? Funny question. I just asked Mr. Swiss and he found he would probably buy a house in the mountains, perhaps a house in London and then move around - to avoid the tax people finding us - I already said tax free does not exist in my country.

Me? No idea, although I might buy a new body that works, does not creak and moves without pains. As this has not yet been put on the market, I would probably look how I could pay the repair costs on the body I now have. On the other hand, my body is now beyond repair. Sometimes I feel that these daily prompts are not only stupid, but brain dead.


To change the subject, which I often do, my hibiscus are now flowering in my garden. They are one of the last to flower. Funny thing is that when I bought the original bush it had blue flowers. After a couple of years it was bearing blue and pink flowers and now it only has pink flowers. Actually it is no longer the original bush, but a descendent from a dropped seed. I have five altogether. Three I planted myself in my back garden, another one is growing beneath my apple tree, and last year I noticed a flower in the middle of my hedge in the front garden. I think everyone in the village has a hibiscus somewhere in their garden, it seems to be a local flower. When Autumn arrives I leave the empty flower capsules on the plant and the birds eat the seeds left. Otherwise I spend many happy hours pulling up new hibiscus plants that seem to root everywhere in the garden. I wonder if my hibiscus of many colours is a rare development. I have now put some black ink in the watering can, hoping to be one of the first with a black hibiscus.

Mr. Swiss mentioned this morning that today it will not be so hot and humid as usual and we could take a walk in the countryside this afternoon. He is now relaxing with his iPad on a chair but when I have finished writing this masterpiece of money grabbing literature, I will remind him of his promise for a romantic walk in the country. Correction: Mr. Swiss just said he cannot be bothered, he is comfortable in his chair, but if I want to go he will come with me. Yes golden oldies have to think twice before they make a decision, especially when it is in connection with physical movements. I might take a walk later if I do not fall asleep reading a book.


  1. If the prize in this lottery is a much do the tickets cost?? Either a LOT.....or they have to sell a very big number of them!! LOL.

    1. WordPress have been publishing prompts about this big win for the past couple of years. It seems to be a daily prompt scam.

  2. Maybe if you really did win you could buy out the Wordpress site and introduce some original prompts :)