Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Daily Prompt: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.

2015-07-16 18.51.46

Yawn, does a stretch, rub my eyes and looks again.”  

Didn’t we have this one before when I told everyone that I do not copy favourite styles of others because it would be boring and my own style being unreachable. It is really not that I don’t read what others write, it forms part of my routine. Ok, being quite honest I do not weigh every word on the scales of blogs, but my crafty eyes and wisdom tell me everything I have to know. Tell me WordPress do you read everything that appears of this grid of daily prompts? I do not even think you know what the daily theme is because they were all here once before.

You have to understand the workings of a blogging site of course. The WordPress style is “repeat everything saving time and money for our employees who are busy doing something else”. What the something else is I do not know, but it is not important. I know I am repeating myself by having a general blogger’s rant here, but I am just posting in the style of something completely different.

How do you like my flowers? They are known as Chinese Bellflowers and arrive every year, that is why I like them. Being a golden oldie I have reduced my garden to an “appear every year at the same time and place garden”. This means that back breaking work is saved by planting something completely different and hoping that it will re-appear. This type of plant is known as a perennial meaning that it has no real death sentence, and should survive for more than two years in the same place and flower at the same time. the ideal solution for a golden oldie with back problems, feet problems, bending problems and writing a daily prompt. Some time in May their little stalks appear again in the same place as every year. “Hello again” they say “we have returned, just watch us”, such friendly plants. Of course when they were fresh and new they were small complete with their flowers, almost unnoticeable. A year later they appear and shoot up in the garden again. “I bet that surprised you, we are twice as big as last year” they say, and now they have lived here for two years. According to the prospects of a perennial they should remain forever, something like the daily prompt which also repeats itself constantly. 

Reflecting on the actual theme of the daily prompt, I have now had time to reconsider. Did someone complain that their individual style was being ignored, their chance for a Pulitzer prize award  being stifled in its regular appearance? I know I sometimes feel like this. On the other hand if you copy my style, which I know is original, fantastic, and spectacular in itself, it might be that I become jealous and engage a lawyer to battle on the copyright problems in the blogger’s law courts, somewhere in Silicon Valley. Of course you may write about my perfect style of writing, my talent for inventing something new every day (which the WordPress grid formation team do not have) and even put forward my name for a special mention, award, even a monument  in marble saying “The Blogger of them all, Mrs. Anglosiwiss, she will never be forgotten. her words leave a path of wisdom and literature wherever they go” the title being “The Perfect Blogger”.

You think I am overdoing it? Of course, I am, if I don’t my blogs will escape the attention they deserve, be forgotten and may even be rivalled by another daily prompt blogger. I now have something better to do with my time. Yesterday No. 2 son payed a visit, the one that just got married at the wedding of the year in Germany last week and I now have a further 90 photos to upload for my next super blog. 

So do not forget, copy my style, give me my deserved credit and pay into my credit card account for support: details follow.


  1. I'm not sure if I have a 'style'. Would someone be able to recognise one of my photos without seeing my name on it? Probably not.

    Lovely blue flowers.

    1. I don't really bother with styles, I just write and take photos and enjoy it.