Friday, 17 July 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Looking out my back door

Look out your back window or door — describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.


“Do we have a back door Tabby?”

“No, we just have an opening where we can disappear outside.”

“Then how can I describe what I see, Oh I forgot I don’t see.”

“Then just paw about what you smell.”

“I don’t have the time to paw all about that.”

“It is quite easy Fluffy. We have places where we can sleep, hunt and …..

“Oh, I know Tabby, where I can spray and mark our territory.”

“Fluffy I am not sure if that would be an appetising subject for a prompt.”

“I even have a spraying action photo.”

“Yes, Fluffy, I can see it, but that is when you had the pampas grass to spray. Now you just spray the flowers and plants and Mrs. Human is not very happy about that.”

“Oh, do you think I should spray things in our home. Mr. and Mrs. Human do.”

“Fluffy that is a human thing. They have a room and we have the great outdoors, or if it is raining we have our recycling tray.”

“Funny habits humans have. I prefer our method, although when Mr. and Mrs. Human are not using their spraying room, it has some nice fresh water.”

“Fluffy I think we have losing the subject. The daily prompt humans want to know what we have outside conveying it to someone from another country or planet.”

“You mean like the eternal corn chambers.”

“Something like that. We would tell the that the mice hide from the felines and we have to sniff them out. We have birds to eat now and again if we catch them and snails are to be avoided because they are slimy and stick in our fur. There are also tics which like to drink our blood.”

“Err Tabby, I don’t think humans like to hear about that.”

“Then they shouldn’t bring such stupid daily feline prompts.”

“Perhaps they are mainly for humans.”

“Fluffy, who were worshipped as gods?”

“You mean the prompts should be reserved for felines.”

“Of course.”

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