Sunday, 21 June 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: All about us felines

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Tabby and Fluffy

“Wake up Tabby, it’s all about us.”

“What’s all about us?”

“Today’s blog of course.”

“Fluffy it is always about us, at least all about me. We are felines and no-one else exists, except to pamper us with our necessities.”

“Yes but we can write what our blog means to us and why it is called how it is called.”

“Fluffy, that is all insignificant. We do not have to prove anything, we are feline. In the words of the great feline philosopher Jean Paul Chat Sartre “Life has no meaning the moment you lose the vision of being eternal” and that is one of the first laws of being a feline. Remember we were worshipped as gods and do not have to explain to anyone the meaning of our blog title.”

“Err, but Tabby, do we have a blog title?”

“Yes, we had to have one otherwise we could not register our blog. In the word of felines we do not need titles, we are what we are and are recognised for our values, so remember we are eternal.”

“Somehow this whole thing is getting a little too complicated for my whiskers Tabby. If we are eternal how come that Nera is no longer here.”

“Of course she is here, but just on another level.”

“Like you sit at the top of the cupboard and I have to stay on the chair.”

“Not quite Fluffy. You have to understand the values of the 10th life.”

“I though we only have 9 and Mrs. Human says I have already used up more than half.”

“Mrs. Human does not know what she is talking about, a mere human only has one life usually.”

“So when do I get my 10th life?”

“Fluffy don't ask complicated questions. You will recognise your 10th life when it arrives. In the meanwhile sleep it over and do not forget the meaning of life.”

“But Tabby, about the meaning of life …..”

“Fluffy sleep, we will continued this philosophical discourse after a dish of tuna fish.”

“You mean the dish of tuna fish holds to the secrets to life.”


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