Monday, 30 March 2015

The Show Must Go On

If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!).

The rooster and his harem

Currently the Mrs. Angloswiss show is interrupted due to rain, yes it’s raining and raining and raining again, so not wanting to get my newly driven-in walking shoes muddy, I am at home. Meanwhile in a place known as Silicon Valley, there are people (I think they are people), computers and robots trying to get the show going. Their chickens are quite busy looking for something new to peck.

“What shall we do today Mac?”

“The same as yesterday Butch and the day before. It always works. There is a mug born every minute”.

“Yeah, but it seems that some of those mugs are rebelling, protesting and there is even talk about boycott.”

“About what? Is that some sort of new word? Do you think it might be dangerous””

“Mac you’re the boss, you should know. I noticed that our production turnover is drifting off. Interest seems to be waning.”

“No way, we are good, we are constant, we do it for the people.”

“Some people don’t think that way. True, we are constant, but not so sure about the good.”

“Ok, big shot, tell me what I am doing wrong.”

“Stay cool Mac, stop jumping up and down and empty your ash tray, you are definitely smoking too much.”

“I don’t have time for getting empty ash trays and that’s your job. I am the one with the brains around here and you do the trivial stuff. So get me a new, clean ash tray and another can of Pink Cow to keep my ideas going. And throw that computer I have in the garbage. I need a new one with better ideas.”

“But Mac it ain’t the computer that has the ideas. You know what they say: “a bad workman always blames his tools.” Perhaps you should bring up something entirely new and original.”

“Butch I am always original. Who decided on the design for our new dynamic t-shirts. That was me, everyone wants one.”

“Of course they do Mac, they would be addicted to them if the got the right sizes.. One of our clients was delivered into the local funny farm because she wanted an XXXL and you was having them made at some downtown sewing shop where the workers were all XXXS.”

“So what’s the problem.”

“Their production line was delivering t-shirts fit for a troop of dwarves in a circus, that is the problem. This particular customer wanted to show our t-shirts to everyone. Now she feels neglected, overweight and abnormal.”

“Of course she does Butch, anyone ordering t-shirts from a company like ours is abnormal. We are not a production line for t-shirts, but a serious technology company dealing with the best the branch has to offer.”

“Don’t you think our ideas are a little out of date Mac?”

“Out of date!! Do you want to keep your job Butch? Don’t mess with me. I bring the best we have.”

“But it is at least two years old, all been there before.”

“That’s not true. I gave out instructions that the stuff should not be older than a year. Who ain’t following my orders.”

“Everyone is following your orders it just so happens that the clients now realise that it is all rechurned hand-me-down examples as they remember the time when it was fresh and new and inspiring. They are no longer inspired, just holding on for something new.”

“Butch it’s all free, you only pay if you want to, so who am I, Heinrich Pestallozzi? And now get back to your desk and press the red button again.”


“You heard, the red button, the one that everyone takes notice of, where it says “we publish a new one every morning. “Every morning” is a matter of interpretation. And bring me that new clean ash tray, my Pink Cow energy drink and something for my blood pressure. And call Bill Gates and ask if he has anything new to suggest.”

Is this a film or reality?

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  1. I am fascinated by the movie-making process, so (to go back to the prompt at the top), I would prefer to be the director.